RNIB baking video transcript
Gemma Stafford: Hi everybody, I’m Gemma Stafford from
YouTube’s ‘Gemma’s Bigger Bolder Baking’, and I’m very happy to
be here today.
Lucy Edwards: Hi guys, I’m Lucy Edwards from the YouTube
channel ‘Yesterday’s Wishes’, and yeah, I do all sorts of videos
about blindness and make up, and I’m here today with Gemma,
and she’s a great baker! She’s trying to teach me how to bake.
Gemma: Myself and Lucy are here today as part of a campaign by
RNIB, which is called ‘Wear Dots and Raise Lots’. Today myself
and Lucy are going to be making polka dot cupcakes. Now I know
how I bake, but I’m very interested to learn how Lucy as a blind
person bakes. Lucy, I’m fascinated how you decipher ingredients
in the kitchen because I know even for me, baking soda, baking
powder, everything looks the same, and if I mix up my flours, all I
can do is taste it, and it’s pretty nasty, you know with these there is
a difference, so tell me how do you do that?
Lucy: So basically, I use a Pen Friend, so I’m just going to switch it
Gemma: Where did you get this?
Lucy: This is from the RNIB. You have a pre-made label, and you
record it from here, and then I put it on the top of here, and it will
tell me what it is.
(Penfriend) self raising flour
Lucy: So that said self raising flour, so that’s really cool.
Gemma: Oh my gosh.
Lucy: So I instantly know what’s in that jar now.
Gemma: So you make the labels and then you record what it is?
Lucy: Yeah.
Gemma: So now I know how you recognise them, how do you
weigh them out?
Lucy: Okay, so that’s over to my best friend Bob, the scales.
I sort of named him because he’s very chirpy.
Gemma: He’s like a gentleman isn’t he? Like you would say ‘hello
Lucy: Yeah, like hello, weigh my porridge in the morning, it’s like
‘cheers Bob, thanks’.
Lucy: We need to zero Bob, find the button.
(Talking scales) zero
Gemma: I’m going to do 225 grams of sugar. So is he going to
Lucy: Yeah, he will.
(Talking scales) 235 grams
Gemma: Oh I went over 10. So I’m going to weigh my flour now.
So do I zero it out?
Lucy: Yeah, zero. How many do I need of this?
Gemma: 225 grams.Do you want to get the butter as well?
Because it is pretty much like that of the block. What I’m going to
do is dip in the ingredients into the bowl and then I will leave you to
mix them all up, okay? You can turn it on there. I’m going to put in
the sugar and you should feel it again get even lighter and softer.
Lucy: Okay.
Gemma: No this is great, so you can feel it right?
Lucy: Yeah, I can feel it underneath.
Gemma: I imagine a lot of the things you have to do are with
touch, and with a lot of the stuff I do with baking, it has to be touch,
and if you haven’t got that touch, then you’re kind of wasting your
Lucy: Oh yeah, definitely.
Gemma: I’m assuming that you can feel it underneath the mixer
getting softer.
Lucy: Yeah, definitely, I can feel it’s there, it’s getting there.
Gemma: Yeah, this is perfect, so I’m going to go ahead now and
I’m going to add in one egg, and I will get you to mix that up.
Lucy: Okay, cool.
Gemma: There’s the egg in there.
Lucy: Okay. How many eggs do we need?
Gemma: Four.
Lucy: Four, oh wow.
Okay, I’ll go slow. Is that slow?
Gemma: That’s good. I’m going to throw in this flour Lucy, I will
give you that, I’ll give you that spatula there. I’ll let you just fold this
into the mix.
Lucy: Okay, cool. Is this folding?
Gemma: Yep. There’s no method for folding, there’s no method for
a lot of it, once you have found the way you do it.
Lucy: Oh, okay.
Gemma: Did someone tell you that you were doing it wrong?
Lucy: Yeah my friend once told me that I was folding wrong.
Gemma: Who said that he was right?
Lucy: Yeah, exactly! Okay. Is that alright?
Gemma: Perfect, you’re doing good. Can you feel the mixture
changing? Our next step now is to colour it a little bit, to make our
polka dots, then put it into the tins and into the oven.
Lucy: Fab.
Gemma: We have some lovely little polka dot cupcake liners, so
we’re going to line our tin with this. Lucy, we’re just going to do
little dollops into your bun tin.
Lucy: Okay. Okay, cool. Haven’t done this since I’ve been blind.
Gemma: Okay so that’s why it’s good to have two, here I will help
you there. Make sure you don’t need my help.
Lucy: No, no it’s cool, because sometimes it gets stuck doesn’t it?
Gemma: Yeah. What you have there now, can you feel that? It’s a
full spoon.
Lucy: Yeah.
Gemma: That would be the perfect amount.
Lucy: Okay.
Gemma: Lucy to put a little bit of colour and to incorporate our
polka dots, I have made some homemade sprinkles. Can you pick
out vibrant colours? Do you see them?
Lucy: Aww, yeah. I might be able to if I put them right up to my
noggin. Is that, like, pink?
Gemma: No, it’s yellow.
Lucy: Oh, yellow. Love it!
Gemma: I’m sorry I couldn’t lie. What we’re going to do is just take
them and dot them around. We can put maybe a few, maybe four
or five on top of our cupcakes.
Lucy: How are we doing?
Gemma: Lovely, I think these are looking great, they’re perfect.
Lucy: Yay! Cool.
Gemma: Nice colours everywhere.
Lucy: Sticky high five. Love it!
Gemma: Okay, our buns are in the oven, all our hard work is done.
I’m baking them at 190 degrees without a fan. If you’re using a fan
then usually 180 degrees is good. So while they’re baking Lucy
we’ll have a cup of tea.
Lucy: That sounds good.
Gemma: Lucy I can smell our buns, I’m pretty sure they’re done so
lets have a little peek.
Lucy: Yeah definitely. It’s been 15 minutes guys.
Gemma: Oh beautiful!
Lucy: Yay!
Gemma: Look at all those polka dots! Gorgeous.
Lucy: Now we need to serve them to the hungry family. Ollie my
boyfriend, and Gemma’s mum.
Gemma: I think Lucy these look pretty good for a tea party.
Lucy: Yeah definitely.
Gemma: For a polka dot tea party. Here we go, freshly baked
buns. Gemma’s mum: They look fantastic.
Ollie: They do.
Gemma’s mum: Well done.
Gemma: What do you think Ollie, do you like them?
Ollie: Oh yeah, definitely.
Gemma’s mum: They look great.
Gemma: Ollie?
Ollie: Yeah I will take one.
Gemma’s mum: You deserve that Lucy, you worked so hard.
That’s what I’ve been waiting for.
Lucy: Yeah.
Ollie: That’s really nice.
Gemma: See it’s pretty easy to make them, it’s really easy.
Lucy what do you think, do you think you would make them again?
Lucy: Yeah definitely, they’re so nice.
Gemma: Now Lucy we have everything you need to make your
own dotty tea party, and to raise money for RNIB. What do you
think, do you think it was a success you guys?
Ollie: Oh yeah.
All: To a dotty tea party.
Gemma’s mum: Lots and lots of them.
Lucy: Definitely.

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