Humanities Auto Biography

Are you happy with your government? Imagine living In a place where you
are confident that your government is the best, let me introduce you to Phoenix
Hello my name is Rachel and I live in the new Phoenix city. I am a Heavy
machines operator. Throughout the community we are all trying to decide on the
perfect government for phoenix city that is currently housing 30,000 victims of the
earthquake. Today, I am supporting, Democracy.
Just think about some of those really successful US leaders that
were loved by the people, such as John F. Kennedy and Theodore
Roosevelt, and guess how they were chosen, a Representative
DEMOCRACY! In my opinion the reason they are so loved by the people
of America because, the people chose them and they took pride in the
fact that they chose a successful leader.
Although some people don’t like representative democracy’s,
because they want a permeate leader such as a king or queen. I
Disagree, I think that representative democracies are the best because
the people are heard and their voices and opinions are valued. In a
representative democracy no one has to worry about the president
making decisions that will be a disadvantage to the city, because there is
a congress that will prevent the president from ruining the city/
country, and in the end if you decide you are not happy with the
representative you elected, in a few years you will vote again.
In conclusion I think that Representative democracy is the best
government choice for phoenix city because everyone gets a say in what
happens to his or her city.