Zoning / Greater Toronto Airport Authority Zoning Regulations
The parcel is designated as Public Open Space and zoned as OS2-6. This
special section of OS2 permits a list of uses including spectator and community
arenas, outdoor stadium, sports complex, overnight accommodation, convention
centre, restaurant, office and other accessory uses. In cases where the proposed
concept might exceed current zoning requirements, the City will consider a minor
variance application to accommodate the development.
Parking for a Recreational Establishment is at the rate of 4.5 spaces per 100m²
gross floor area – non-residential. If the parking standard is not sufficient a
Parking Utilization Study will need to be undertaken to explore shared parking
with adjacent facilities. Please note that there are 2,170 existing parking spaces
at neighbouring amenities.
No height restrictions are identified under the OS2 designation, however Airport
Zoning Regulations for Toronto Pearson International Airport and Nav Canada
regulations restrict the height of development (see section below).
Refer to the following links for more detailed zoning information:
Airport Zoning Regulations
According to the Airport Zoning Regulations for Toronto Pearson International
Airport, development elevations on the northern part of the site is affected by
obstacle zoning restrictions, specifically Approach Surface for Runway 06R as
well as the Outer Surface (see attached GTAA map).
Airport Zoning Regulations are enacted to:
limit the height of buildings, structures and objects including objects of
natural growth in the area surrounding the airport;
restrict dumping of waste materials which might attract birds on lands
adjacent to the airport; and
protect lands which house and are affected by navigational aids such as
radar and communications equipment.
The maximum allowable development elevation under these restrictions ranges
from 219.46 metres Above Sea Level (A.S.L.) under the Outer Surface
restrictions (sliver of lands immediately abutting Hwy 403 – orange zoning lines)
to 239m A.S.L. in the most Western portion (green lines). Southern portion of the
lands are outside of the Airport Zoning Regulations.
The site is also affected by Nav Canada’s (NC) Instrument Flight Procedure
minima obstacle identification surface. It is a horizontal surface located at 213m.
A.S.L. Plans of Proposed structures exceeding this limit should be forwarded to
Nav Canada for review and comments.
Please note that the above mentioned Airport Zoning Regulations and map were
provided by the Greater Toronto Airports Authority (GTAA).
* Information on existing contour lines and elevation measures (in metres) for the
vacant parcel is available through the City of Mississauga’s eMaps application
(see link):

Airport Zoning Regulations are enacted to