Stockport Air Raid Shelter`s Evacuees` Day Here are some

Stockport Air Raid Shelter’s Evacuees’ Day
Here are some suggestions for lunch and what to wear. Obviously it is important that children have a
suitable coat for the weather and that they are warm enough in the air raid shelters.
Ration Lunch This is to encourage the children to experience what they might have had to eat back
in WW2 but we appreciate due to allergies and availability this might be a token gesture. No fizzy
drinks, sweets or glass bottles allowed as per usual. It is also suggested that the children make a ‘gas
mask box’, which they might be able to ‘double-up’ as a lunch box.
Wholemeal bread
A scraping of margarine
Small amount of grated cheese
Spam, luncheon meat, corned beef or sardines
Meat or fish paste
Egg (but this was probably dried egg, not fresh)
British grown fruit in season e.g. apples, pears, plums, peaches, cherries etc
Plain biscuits e.g. rich tea or custard creams
Homemade cakes (probably not chocolate flavour)
Sandwiches were wrapped in greaseproof paper (baking parchment is a good substitute)
Milk, squash or water to drink. Drinks were not sold in plastic bottles but for health and safety
reasons please recycle a plastic drink bottle.
Salt and Shake crisps
Clothing - some suggestions for period dress.
Cotton dresses
School pinafore
Knitted pullover
Short trousers or school trousers
Knitted cardigans
Fair-isle ‘tank top’
Plaited hair
Ribbons in hair
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