Morehead State University
Arts and Humanities Council
Special Events Grant Application
Instructions: This document is your application form. Once completed, please remove all
instructions shown in italics, leaving only the document title (above), the section
headings shown in bold, and your proposal text.
Please limit your proposal submission to a maximum of two pages, single spaced,
minimum 11 point font, and 0.75 inch margins. Proposals that are not complete or exceed two
pages shall be returned.
Event proposals must be approved by your department chair or unit director, and
all proposals are to be submitted by e-mail to Mary Jerde, [email protected],
by midnight April 1. For questions, please call Mary at 783-2545.
Event Manager: List your name (and your co-event manager), your department or unit, office
phone, and email address.
Event Title: This is the title we will use in listing your event in the MSU Arts and Humanities
Calendar. A sample title would be, “Artist Residency: Jennifer Goodlander, Shadow Puppetry.”
Please be concise.
Guest: List your guest’s name, contact information (to be used for emergencies only should
someone need to fill in for you), and their website or webpage. Please describe your guest(s)
knowledge, experience and expertise. Why did you choose this individual or group?
Event Schedule: List the event titles you and your guest have arranged. Include the dates,
times, target audience, anticipated number of attendees.
Educational Component(s): Describe the educational component(s) associated with this
event. Describe also how your guest and the activities you have planned will expand MSU’s
current programming for educating, informing and enlightening MSU students and other
audiences you are targeting? Which academic programs will benefit from this event?
Collaboration: Please list your partners (the individuals, organizations, programs or events that
will be collaborating with you). How will their contribution, effort or input complement, enhance,
or expand on this proposed event. How will you involve your guest(s), students, sponsors,
colleagues and/or the community in planning for this event?
Audience Engagement: In what fashion will you present your guest(s) so that their art form or
message is clearly communicated, understood, and appreciated by attending MSU students and
other audiences. For example, will you present pre- or post-show educational workshops, or
Marketing Plan: Please describe your plans for promoting this event and include an action time
line. Include the date you plan to:
1) submit information to Mary Jerde to include in the MSU Calendar,
2) submit information to the Office of Communication for news releases and posters,
3) submit information to MSPR for preparation of radio spots and to schedule an
interview on MSPR’s FrontPage, if appropriate,
4) email information to your mailing lists (collaborators, colleagues, schools, professional
societies, particularly state-wide societies/organizations).
Include quantities and costs of printing promotional materials or any costs associated with your
promotions. Consult with Office of Communications and Marketing, 783-5498 or 783-9328.
Be sure to include a statement of your plans to list all of your sponsors in and on all of
your promotional materials and announcements, and in the introductions to your event activities.
Event Budget: Please provide cost details and dollar amounts for your guest fee; guest travel,
lodging and meals; promotions, and food and facilities rentals for receptions. Event managers
are required to process a Speaker-Entertainment Form and associated forms three months prior
to your event. Please consult with your ADS about the process.
Sponsor Contributions: Please list your sponsors and describe their contributions to this
event. State whether their contribution is in-kind (for example, use of facilities or services) or
cash and any restrictions or requirements they have for use of their contributions. Please do
remember to acknowledge their support on all promotional materials, announcements and event
Anticipated Revenue: Please describe any fee or ticket rates that are associated with this
event and the amount of revenue you expect to raise. Be careful not to over-estimate. What will
you do with any additional revenue raised above the cost of this event? How will you cover your
expenses in the case you do not reach your revenue goal?
Amount Requested/Needed: Add together Sponsor Contributions plus Anticipated Revenue
and subtract from Event Budget to calculate Amount Requested/Needed.
Event Manager’s Statement of Approval: By submitting this proposal to the Morehead
State University Arts and Humanities Council for funding consideration, I, <<fill in your
name>>, certify that the information provided above is true and accurate to the best of
my knowledge and belief. I also certify that my department chair/unit director is fully
aware and supportive of the plans, schedule, costs and anticipated revenues I have
outlined in this proposal. By submitting this proposal I also agree to submit a Final
Event Report within 30 days of completion of this event. Finally, I agree to the terms that
any unspent grant funds awarded for this project are to be returned to the Morehead
State University Arts and Humanities Council or to the originating sponsor(s) within 30
days of completion of this event.

MSU AHC Special Events Application