Zoology ____/22 Name______________________ Introduction

Zoology ____/22
Textbook Exercise
Answer the questions on a separate piece of paper in a complete sentence reflecting the question.
1. Using the index, find and record a definition of zoology. (1)
2. At the end of each chapter, which section gives a brief, concise description of what is covered
in that chapter? (1)
3. At the end of each chapter, which section contains material designed to help the student test
understanding of the chapter material? (1)
4. What is the url (internet address) for the textbook’s online learning center? (see end of any
chapter.) (1)
5. If the definition of a word is NOT found in the glossary, what part of the book can be used to
locate its definition? (1)
6. Using the glossary, what are the Greek root words from which the word phylogeny is
7. What is the glossary definition of phylogeny? (1)
8. What diagram is found on the inside front cover of the textbook? (1)
9. What three headings does the table on the inside back cover of the textbook contain?(3)
10. What does this table tell us about certain types of animals? (1)
11. What is the definition of species given in the glossary? (1)
12. By 1986, what percentage of the peppered moths were the light form? (1)
13. What are the seven general properties of living systems? (7)