Orientation Leader
Deadline is Monday, January 26, 2015
By 5:00 PM
The Orientation Leader is a member of the Orientation staff who represents the many facets of
University of Detroit Mercy. Orientation provides a crucial element to the success of each new
*Unfortunately due to training and position requirements you cannot serve as a Resident
Advisor and an Orientation Director at the same time.
The Application Process
The application is designed to inform us about your background and motivation for becoming an
Orientation Leader. Please be clear and concise in your written responses.
One reference is required to help provide additional information about your qualification as an
Orientation Leader. One reference should be should be someone that has worked with you and
knows you well.
There will be a group interview process designed to assess each candidate’s communication,
listening, cooperation, and team building skills. Group Interviews will be held in February.
There will be an individual interview focusing on the candidate’s interests, leadership styles,
experiences, and qualifications for the position. The interviews will be held in March.
Selections and notifications are the last week of March.
An OL must be a currently enrolled undergraduate student at UDM who has completed at least
12 credit hours and whose baccalaureate degree will not be completed prior to December
2015. OLs should be in good academic standing and good disciplinary standing. The First
Year Experience staff is looking for individuals who represent the diversity of the University of
Detroit Mercy community in their experience and interests. OL candidates should possess a
variety of qualities, including (but not limited to):
2.5 grade point average.
One letter of recommendation.
No disciplinary sanctions.
Full-time student.
Effective communication skills
Problem solving abilities
Familiarity with UDM resources, services, and degree units
Energy and enthusiasm
Pride in being an UDM student
A desire to work collaboratively with students, families, faculty, and staff
Dedication and flexibility
A willingness to learn
Job Description
Orientation Leaders (OLs) are undergraduate students who play an integral role in introducing
new students to the University of Detroit Mercy serving as mentors and sharing their
experiences as successful students. Throughout the summer, OLs assist our incoming
students and their families in a variety of capacities, all to make the newest members of our
community excited and prepared to come to UDM. OLs work in collaboration with other OLs,
First Year Experience (FYE) professional staff, University Housing staff, academic advisors,
and other University administrators to ensure that new students have a positive orientation
Job Responsibilities
• Facilitate small group interaction with incoming students
• Serve as a positive representative of the University of Detroit Mercy while fostering a
welcoming environment among its newest community members
• Acquaint new students with campus services and building locations
• Communicate essential information in a variety of public settings
• Assist with the preparation of Orientation materials and activities
• Attend and participate in all OL training sessions
• Maintain contacts with PTV group for the first six weeks of the semester
• Other duties as assigned
Expectations of the Orientation Leader Position
 Adhere to professional and ethical standards of conduct, which includes all University,
local, state, and federal laws and regulations, in addition to program policies.
 The Orientation Leader will be expected to represent the college, including the
Residence Halls, Greek Life, and the many other campus offices and resources, in a
positive and unbiased manner, regardless of personal affiliations.
 Project him/herself as a role model who exemplifies strong academic decision-making
and a balanced lifestyle to new students.
 Relate and interact well with students, parents, faculty, and staff.
 Conduct activities that educate new students about social, academic, and personal
skills to increase new student success at University of Detroit Mercy.
 Help promote and develop positive relationships between new students, faculty, and
 The Orientation Program is an alcohol-free program.
 Work as a responsible team member and remain flexible regarding working hours and
Time Commitments
 All Orientation Leaders hired are required to attend Spring Training, PTV Training, and
PTV Reunion. You must keep in contact with your PTV Group for the first six weeks of
the term. Required dates are listed below.
 You must participate in at least one SOAR.
 You must participate in PTV.
 Participate in PTV Reunion during Fall Term 2015.
February 21
February 23 - March 23
April 27 - 28
June 4, 5
June 11, 12
June 18, 19
July 9, 10
July 16, 17
August 17 - 24
August 25 - 28
October 7
Group Interviews
Individual Interviews
Spring Training
SOAR 1, check in - June 3
SOAR 2, check in - June 10
SOAR 3, check in - June 17
SOAR 4, check in - July 8
SOAR 5, check in - July 15
PTV Training
PTV Reunion/Titan Success Network
Benefits of the Orientation Leader Position
 Stipends are issued in September. Leaders earn $50 stipend for each SOAR and $300
stipend for PTV.
 If you are residential, you get to move in early for PTV Training.
 All meals and transportation for activities are provided for Spring Training, SOAR, PTV
Training, and PTV.
OR 2015 Leader Application: Applicant Information
Your complete application, including this form, printed responses to the questions, and two letters of
reference, should be submitted to the Office of the Associate Dean of Students by Monday, January
26, 2015. Thank you for applying! If you have any questions or comments e-mail to:
[email protected]
Personal Information: (Please print!)
First Name_____________________________________ Last Name_________________________
Home Address_________________________________
______________ _____ __________
If Residence Hall student: SUMS box ___________
Home Phone (____) ________-___________
Cell phone (_____) ___________________
Email: ______________________________
Year of Study:
[ ] 1st [ ] 2nd [ ] 3rd [ ] 4th [ ] 5th or later
Major _______________
We have the option to request your GPA, to be sure that you are in good academic standing.
Your check in the YES box and your initials give the Registrar the right to let us check.
[ ] YES, you may request my GPA. (Initial here, please___)
Do you have a Facebook Account? [ ] Yes [ ] No
Do you have a Twitter Account? [ ] Yes [ ] No
Do you have a food allergy? [ ] Yes, Please specify: ________________________________ [ ] No
Employment Information:
Please provide a resume or brief summary of your work experience.
OR 2015 Leader: Questions
The University of Detroit Mercy, a Catholic university in the Jesuit and Mercy traditions, exists to provide excellent
student-centered undergraduate and graduate education in an urban context. A UDM education seeks to integrate
the intellectual, spiritual, ethical and
social development of students.
OR 2015 Mission: To understand UDM’ Mission, to engage ourselves in the mission through our collaboration in
the Orientation programs, and to invite the new students to join us in this.
Application Questions
Please answer the following questions below. Please print clearly or feel free to attach a separate
sheet of paper.
1. What do you hope to gain from serving as an Orientation Leader?
2. What previous experiences do you possess that makes you a good Orientation Leader
3. Describe your public identity within social media. How does your online persona relate
to your values and the values of University of Detroit Mercy?
4. What was the greatest challenge that you faced in transitioning to college life at
University of Detroit Mercy? How would you help new students who are facing the same
Next part of your application – Recommendation Forms!
Included below is the note we ask you to give to the person who you are requesting for a letter of
recommendation from. Please give this copy to your reference. PLEASE notice that they are asked
to return their response to you in a sealed envelope, and you are responsible to include this as part of
your completed application.
◆ Orientation Leader Recommendation Form ◆
University of Detroit Mercy, 4001 West McNichols Rd, Student Center Building, Room 101, Detroit, MI 48221
Applicant Name: ___________________________________________________________________________________________________________
Applicant Signature: _______________________________________________________ Date: ____________________________________________
To the Evaluator: The student listed above is applying for the position of Orientation Leader at University of Detroit Mercy. If chosen, this student will
work with our Orientation Program helping new students and their families learn about and transition to the UDM Community. Orientation Leaders serve
as a resource, reference, and role model for student concerns related to academic procedures, University policies, and social adjustment. Please
comment on the capabilities of this individual based on your interactions. Thank you for your assistance in our selection process.
(Please use the back of the sheet if necessary).
Name of Reference: ________________________________________________________________________________________________________
E-mail: ________________________________________________________________________ Phone Number: _____________________________
Position/Title/Relationship: ___________________________________________________________________________________________________
How long have you known the applicant? _______________________
In what capacity do you know the applicant? _____________________________________________________________________________________
Please identify the level at which the applicant has performed the qualities listed below according to the scale provided:
No basis for
Leadership Potential
Team Oriented/Cooperation with Others
Constructive Criticism/Receptive to Differences
Please list any personal characteristics you believe this candidate possesses that would be beneficial to the Orientation Program.
Please list any personal characteristics that this candidate may improve on to be a success in the Orientation Program.
*Please provide any additional information on the applicant’s abilities and potential to succeed in this position in the space below.
Based on our knowledge of the applicant, as well as the type of position for which she/he is applying, please indicate your overall recommendation of
how this person will function in the position:
SIGNATURE: __________________________________________________________ DATE: _____________________________________________
Please return this recommendation from to the candidate in a sealed envelope.
Due Date: Monday, January 26, 2015
Application Checklist
 Completed application with questions
 Resume/Summary
 1 Reference
My signature below indicates that I have read, understand, and agree to abide by the responsibilities
of the Orientation Leader position. I give permission to check my academic and disciplinary standing
in relation to my Orientation Leader Application
Print Name
Please submit to the mailbox of Dorothy Stewart located in either the Dean of Students Office
Suite or the Student Life Office.
Thank you for submitting an application for Orientation Leader.

OR 2015 Leader Application - University of Detroit Mercy