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Application for Audition for entry September 2015
Students must be aged 16-18 on course commencement
1.Please tick which course you wish to apply for:
Three Year Diploma in Professional Dance
Graduate programme
2.Please tick which audition you wish to attend:
We will try to accommodate your choice but this will not always be possible as spaces will be allocated on a first come, first
served basis.
Preliminary Audition
Saturday 24th January
English National Ballet School,
Saturday 28th February
English National Ballet School,
Preliminary Audition
Saturday 14th March 2015
Preliminary Audition for
Overseas Candidates only
DVD Audition
(Overseas Candidates only)
Friday 20th March 2015
English National Ballet School,
English National Ballet School,
(MEN only. All ladies auditions are
now full on this day)
Preliminary Audition
(MEN only. All ladies auditions are
now full on this day)
3. Surname:
4. First name(s):
5. Nationality:
6. Date of birth:
7. Gender (please circle): Male
8. E-mail address: (Please PRINT clearly)
9. Home address (Correspondence will be sent to this address)
10. Mobile (cell) number:
11a. Home telephone:
11b. How did you hear about the English National Ballet School?
12. Weight & Height
12a. Weight in St/lbs or Kgs:
12b. Height in Ft & Ins:
13. Parents’ Details
13a. Full Name:
13b. Address:
Application for Audition for entry 2015
13d. Nationality:
13e. Height in Ft &
13f. Home tel:
13g. Work tel:
13h. Mobile:
13i. E-mail:
13j. Fax:
13k. Please state which parent is the main contact for correspondence:
14. Guardian Details
Full name and address of Guardian, if applicable. (Please note that the appointment of a
Guardian resident in the UK is compulsory if both parents are non-UK resident and the student is
under 18 years old).
14a. Full Name
14b. Address
14c. Home tel:
14d. Work tel:
14e. Mobile:
14f. Email
15. Languages
English National Ballet School expects all students to have a good understanding of English and will provide English
lessons for Speakers of Other Languages during the academic year. If you do not have the required standard of English
you will be required to attend English lessons. You may be required to pay for these lessons.
Please note: The UK Border Authority have regulations with regard to the level of English language skills required to
enable overseas students to get a visa to study in the UK.
In order to receive your Certificate of Acceptance for Studies (CAS) from English National Ballet School, all students from
outside the EU from a non-English speaking country must prove that they have a minimum of level B1 on the Common
European Framework of Reference for Languages (CEFR) and a level B2 if you are joining our graduate year.
You must be able to prove this before Final Audition.
To assess your English language competence, we must see evidence that you have passed an approved English
language test with one of our approved test providers.
15a. Please state your first language if English is not your first language ________________________
15b. Please state below, the level of your speech, reading and writing in English, eg Mother Tongue, fluent,
conversational, little or none:
Application for Audition for entry 2015
16. Dance History
Name of dance teacher:
Address of dance school:
Date started:
Date left:
Hours per week:
17. Training to Date:
Discipline studied
Most recent examination taken if applicable or years of study. Please
state examining board, level, date & result
17a. Classical Ballet:
17b.Contemporary Dance:
17c. Character Dance:
17d. Choreography:
18a. Name and address or e-mail of Principal of current Dance School
(Please let your teacher know that you are auditioning);
18b. Signature of Principal of current Dance School:
19. Academic History
19a. Please state name and address of your most recent academic school
19b. Name of Headteacher:
Application for Audition for entry 2015
20. Academic subjects passed or to be taken:
20a. Subject:
20b. Level:
20c. Date taken/to be
20d. Grade
21. Personal Statement by applicant. Please circle the appropriate answer to the following questions:
School prestige
21a. Why have you chosen to apply to ENBS?
Link with English National Ballet
Teaching staff
London location
Value for money
Graduate employment
Classical Ballet
21b. What is your focus for your future career?
Contemporary Dance
Other (please state) ______________________________
Classical technique
21c. What are you looking forward to as a student of
Conditioning for profession
Relationship/contact with English National Ballet
21d. Please add any brief additional information below that you would like to give regarding your achievements,
ambitions and why you wish to train at English National Ballet School.
Application for Audition for entry 2015
22. PLEASE NOTE: All applicants must fill in this section. We are unable to accept applications that have not
filled this section in where appropriate.
Financial Circumstances (to be completed by Parents/Carers)
Tuition for the year 2014-2015 is £17,000. It will be a similar amount for 2015 - 16
This does not cover any maintenance, supplementary items or equipment. Typical extra costs include accommodation,
food, travel, private medical insurance, some specialist books, tickets to dance performances, stationery supplies, dance
clothing and shoes and English lessons for those eligible.
All students must have private medical insurance. English National Ballet School have a BUPA Schools Scheme. The
yearly premium on the School BUPA scheme is approximately £750.
22a. If accepted for full time training at English National Ballet School please state below if you are able to pay the tuition
I can pay full fees (please circle)
I can pay part fees (please circle)
If ‘yes’ please state amount
22b. If you are from the UK or EU ONLY.
If you would like to be considered for a DaDA (Dance & Drama Award) (Please see financial information sheet) The
applicant must be an EU national, have lived in the EU for at least the past three years and be aged 16, 17 or 18 at the
start of the course.
If offered a DaDA award, the amount received will be based on an assessment of family income.
I would like to be considered for a Dance & Drama Award (please circle)
22c. All Candidates:
In addition to the tuition fees, all students must be able to fund themselves to live in London and attend school. Please
use the space below to state how you will meet both tuition and/or maintenance costs. Some UK students will be entitled
to maintenance money accessed through the DaDA (Dance & Drama Award scheme). This funding will be means tested
and is unlikely to cover all costs. Please state briefly how you will meet costs, and/or where you intend to apply for
funding and assistance.
Application for Audition for entry 2015
23 Income Details
Please tick below the box that best indicates your total household income for the tax year 2014-15 (1 April 2013 to 1 April
If parents/carers do not live together, include details of total household income for the parent/carer with whom the
applicant normally lives. This must include any income details of your parent/carer’s spouse or partner if they live
together. If you are applying as an independent student, you will need to provide details of the total household income of
your spouse or partner if you have one.
Under £21,000
£42,001 - £46,000
£21,000 to £23,000
£46,001 - £50,000
£23,001 to £25,000
£50,001 - £55,000
£25,001 to £27,000
£55,001 - £60,000
£27,001 to £30,000
£60,001 - £65,000
£30,001 to £33,000
£65,001 - £70,000
£33,001 - £37,000
£37,001 - £42,000
Signature of Parent/Spouse/Partner** ____________________________ Date: _____________________
(** delete as appropriate)
Please note that there are a limited number of scholarships and bursaries available through English National
Ballet School, and are awarded on the basis of talent and financial need.
24. Declaration
We request that the applicant be considered for audition and we enclose payment made payable to English National
Ballet School for the Audition Fee of £40.00. Please see page 11 for details of how to pay your fee.
First signature:
Second signature:
23a. Name in full:
Name in full:
23b. Relationship to child:
Relationship to child:
23c. Date:
Application for Audition for entry 2015
25. Monitoring Equal Access and Opportunity to Training
The School strives to be as inclusive as possible and welcomes students with different abilities and additional needs
offering extra support where necessary. In order to meet your needs during the audition process and if successful
through to course of study, you are encouraged to disclose any impairment or condition below so that we can endeavour
to meet your needs. It is extremely helpful to enclose a dyslexia assessment if applicable.
Your response will also enable us to monitor our Equal Opportunities Policy
The Disability Discrimination Act defines a disabled person as having a physical or mental impairment which has a
substantial and long term adverse effect on her/his ability to carry out normal day to day activities.
Which of the following statements about disability is most
appropriate to you? Please tick
25a. No disability:
25b. Blind/Partially sighted
25c. Wheelchair user/having mobility difficulties:
25d. Unseen disability and impairments epilepsy,
diabetes, epilepsy, asthma (please state below):
25e. Autistic spectrum disorder (ASD),
25f. A specific learning difficulty e.g dyslexia,
dyspraxia, ADD or ADHD
25g. Mental health difficulties such as
depression, eating disorders, bipolar affective
25h. A disability or condition not listed above
(please state below):
26. Please fill in the following monitoring information. Your response gives us valuable information about whether or not
particular ethnic groups have access to training, and enables us to monitor our Equal Opportunities Policy.
This section will be removed and data held anonymously.
Please tick which group applies to you
26a. White – British:
26g. Mixed – White & Black:
26b. White – European:
26h. Mixed – White & Asian:
26c. White – Other:
26i. Other Mixed Background:
26d. Black or Black British:
26j. Other Ethnic (please see below):
26e. Asian or Asian British:
26k. Would rather not say:
26f. Chinese:
27. If you have marked yourself in one of the categories marked “other”, please give details below:
Application for Audition for entry 2015
28. Required Photographs
All photographs should be 6” x 4” (10cm x 13cm) size and labelled with the applicant’s name and the date on which it
was taken.
Photographs in the following positions:
If guidance is required, please contact your ballet teacher as s/he will be in a position to advise you when producing
these photographs.
Application for Audition for entry 2015
29. DVD Applications
DVD applications can only be accepted from overseas candidates. Recorded applications can be sent to the School
as a hard copy DVD through the post, or alternatively you can send it as an online link along with you application form to
[email protected]
Video applications send via email must be clearly labelled with ‘Your name - VIDEO APPLICATION 2015’
Those selected by video will be expected to attend Final Audition in London on Saturday 21st March 2015.
In addition to the personal checklist items, DVD applicants must include the following in a short DVD to demonstrate;
Barre work
Please position the camera in front of the applicant to show FULL height and breadth in pliés and port de bras.
Please position the camera halfway between front and side for all other sections of the barre to show full range
of movements.
5 minutes of Barre work to cover:
a) pliés and port de bras
b) tendus and glissés (dégagés & jetés,)
c) adage with fondus
d) grands battements and battements en clȏche
Centre Practice – 10 minutes of Centre Practice, Adage and Pirouettes
a) Centre Practice must show battement tendu combined with battement jeté in croisé, en face and effacé,
devant and derrière.
b) Adage must include grand rond de jambe en l’air, a promenade in either `a la seconde or arabesque, and a
penché in 1st arabesque.
a) Pirouettes may be from 5th, 2nd, or 4th position, but must be done on the right and the left sides, en dehors
and en dedans.
Allegro - 5 to 10 minutes of Allegro to cover:
a) 2 enchaȋnement terre `a terre (quick steps)
b) 2 enchaȋnement showing batterie
c) 1 enchaȋnement showing travelling jumps including waltzes, grand jeté en tournant and jeté en avant.
Pointe Work – 5 minutes of Pointe Work to include:
a) Simple échappé relevé in 2nd and 4th, retiré relevé and passé relevé.
b) Simple pirouettes from 4th position
c) Couru en diagonale (bourreé suivi)
d) Diagonal of piqué turns.
If a classical and/or contemporary variation is known, please present either or both.
Application for Audition for entry 2015
30. Fees & payment information
A fee of £40 must be included with all applications.
UK Students
If you are from the UK, please enclose a cheque payable to: ‘English National Ballet School’ (Please ensure that the
name of the applicant is clearly written on the reverse of cheque), cash or postal order in pounds sterling
Our bank details are as follows - If the payment is coming from the UK ONLY:
CAF BANK, PO Box 289, West Malling, Kent, ME19 4TA
Sort Code: 40-52-40,
Account No: 00006219
Account Name: English National Ballet School
Please use the student name as the payment reference. If you do not use the student name as reference, we may not
be able to match your payment to your account.
Overseas students
If you are not from the UK, please pay online using the following link:
You may also enclose a cheque/bank draft payable to: ‘English National Ballet School’ (Please ensure that the name of
the applicant is clearly written on the reverse of a cheque) or cash in pounds sterling.
Application for Audition for entry 2015
31. Advice for All Applicants
When you send your application, please check that all the sections have been completed. Please use the space
provided wherever possible. If you run out of space you may attach an extra sheet, clearly labelled with the
corresponding question number. Please do not include CVs, copies of certificates, or additional performance
photographs as these cannot be considered.
Personal Checklist – have you included the following?
Your Application Form with attached passport photograph
Required Photographs (see page 9)
Please also enclose a Copy of passport showing nationality and residency status.
A fee of £40 must be included with your application (see Fees & payment information on page 10)
Audition DVD (If applicable)
Parent or legal guardian signature
Dance Teachers details and signature
Additional Information
If you wish to be notified of the arrival of the application form, please enclose a stamped. Self-addressed
postcard (please note we can only provide this for UK residents.) We are unable to notify those students who
do not provide this.
Please send DVDs by recorded delivery or registered post.
We regret that we are unable to return photographs or DVDs.
Please note that applications may take several weeks to process. If you have a preferred date for audition, you
may indicate this on the application form. We will try to accommodate your choice but this will not always be
possible as spaces will be allocated on a first come, first served basis.
We regret that are unable to discuss an audition or offer feedback to candidates following the result of an
Please send your applications to:
Auditions for English National Ballet School
Carlyle Building
Hortensia Road
SW10 0QS
If you have any questions, please see our website or contact the audition coordinator at:
[email protected]
Application for Audition for entry 2015

Name of School - English National Ballet School