Requesting College Transcripts
University of Minnesota- Crookston
Computer I/II (8 credits)
CA 1012
CA 1015
CA 1020
Web Design (3 credits)
CA 1040
Video Editing (3 credits)
CA 1030
College Composition I (3 credits) COMM 1011
College Composition II (3 credits) COMM 1013
A letter needs to be sent to the University of Minnesota- Crookston from the student
stating that they want their transcript sent to the college they are attending. They
request that they state in the letter that they would like to have an official transcript sent
to the college and the address of that school. They also need to list the high school
they attended, full name, SSN and DOB and a signature. The address is listed below.
Enclose a $15 check payable to:
UMC Records Office
2900 University Ave
Crookston, MN 56716
Northland Community and Technical College
College Algebra (3 Credits)
MATH 1110
Anatomy & Physiology I (3 Credits)
BIOL 2252
Anatomy & Physiology II (3 Credits)
BIOL 2254
Advanced Physiology (2 Credits)
BIOL 2256
Requesting an Official Transcript:
M State
General Psychology (3 credits)
Intro Sociology (3 credits)
Intro to Public Speaking (3 credits)
PYCS 1200
SOC 1111
COMM 1120
If your high school senior will be attending (and/or applying) to another MNSCU
institution within the state of MN, they will not need to submit any sort of transcript
request. We have a database and within our system involving MNSCU schools
(Minnesota State Colleges and Universities) we can access each other’s transcripts,
which we refer to as an E transcript.
If a student would be attending elsewhere, outside of the MNSCU system, they will
need to go online to our website: and under the Graduation
section of forms on that page - use the Transcript Request. This is an electronic form
which they will submit right online to our processing center.

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