2014-2015 Calendar Proof
ARCH1300 Archaeology Summer Camp Cross-Listed: ANTH1300
(A) 6ch (3S)
This course offers an overview of the hands-on components of archaeology by providing
students with an introduction to experimental archaeology, human material culture, and the
archaeological record, as well as basic archaeological recovery methods. These are presented in
two broad components, one focused on creating and using ancient tools and technology and
exploring past ways of life, and the other on excavating these with formal archaeological
The Human Past: Archaeological Approaches (Cross-Listed:
3 ch (3C)
ANTH 1303)
This course traces the historical development of the discipline of Archaeology from its
earliest beginnings to recent advances in archaeological science, and introduces
theories and methods used by archaeologists to investigate and understand past
human cultures. Examples are drawn from studies of Paleolithic, Mesolithic, Neolithic,
Indigenous and Historical cultures.
ARCH 1303
3 ch (3C)
This course focuses on the exploration and discovery of sites, monuments and
artifacts of civilizations (Mesopotamia, Anatolia, Egypt, Greece and Rome) that
shaped Western society. The Tomb of King Midas, the pyramids of Egypt, the Greek
theatre and Roman arena are among topics covered.
ARCH 1323 Discovering Archaeology (Cross-Listed: CLAS 1323)
ARCH2302 Prehistoric Archaeology: Paleolithic Cultures (Cross-Listed: ANTH 2302)
(O) 3ch (3C) [W]
Introduces archaeological methods and theories through an examination of the
Paleolithic cultures of Africa, Europe, and Asia. Prerequisite: ANTH/ARCH 1303 or
permission of the instructor.
Exploring the World of Archaeology (Cross-Listed: ANTH
3 ch (3C)
ARCH 2303 2303)
This course addresses central dynamic tensions in Archaeology and their impact on
archaeological practice, including: culture history versus cultural process; materialist
versus idealist approaches to the past; processual versus post-processual
archaeologies; archaeology as a study of the archaeological record versus archaeology
of as a study of past human cultures; academic archaeology versus cultural resource
2014-2015 Calendar Proof
management; archaeology and Aboriginal peoples.
Introduction to Classical Archaeology: Method and Theory
3 ch (3C)
(Cross-Listed: CLAS 2333)
This course focuses on Archaeology as a science. It covers the history of
archaeological investigations and presents the scientific methods used in identifying
and excavating a site, as well as the scientific analysis of the material remains.
Representative examples that illustrate these scientific advancements are drawn from
the major Mediterranean civilizations (Mesopotamian, Egyptian, Greek, Etruscan, and
Roman) excavated over the last few centuries.
ARCH 2333