RPG Graphics style research

RPG Graphics style research
My game will be an Role playing game (RPG) within the fantasy genre. This is a
wide and diverse genre, so pixel art, photorealism, cel-shaded, and abstract
graphic styles are all valid options to use in this genre. Here is an example of each.
Pixel Art – Realm of the Mad God
This is an example of how simple graphics can be quite effective when it
comes to creating an RPG fantasy game, although it lacks realism, it makes
up for this by being bright and vibrant, allowing it to be more visually
appealing and fun.
Photorealism – Skyrim
By using graphics as close to real life as possible for it’s time, skyrim creates
the most realistic and immersive experience possible, this graphics style is
effective in Fantasy RPG because it creates a more immersive and involving
experience for the player.
Cel-Shaded – Borderlands
Cel-shaded graphics is less common in this genre. It is only semi-realistic,
but this allows for more colourful and creative gameplay in certain
situations, it can still create an immersive experience, and is often used to
replicate comic book art styles. This graphics style is quite often used in
children’s games.
Abstract – Cyber Knights
Abstract graphics are difficult to categorise as they are often unlike other
style. However, they are used quite often in the RPG genre and can often be
used to replicate cartoon styles that you would see on TV.