FAMILY MEMBERS PRESENT: Lloyd Hackbart, Phyllis Zocher, Jo Carpentier, Sue Voelz, Andrea Fischer,
Sandy Ewan, Linda English, Lenore English, Terry Benzinger, Lynda Honsa, Dennis Fox, Earleen Fox,
Beverly Hassel – Volunteer Ombudsman
RESIDENTS PRESENT: Lu Benzinger, Dorothy Plamann
STAFF PRESENT: Lisa Gervais, Sara Sedo, Mary Klade, Deb Kohler, Karen Larsen, Irene Wedemeyer,
1. Sara Sedo welcomed everyone and introduced staff members.
2. Deb Kohler, Dietitian, talked about dietary changes and gave update on the dining changes that
happened in July. Residents now select their menu items at the table. The resident gets served
very quickly. There has been less food waste and residents are eating more. The Fall/Winter
menus will be coming out on October 19th. They will have different items on the menu like
squash and sweet potatoes. On October 1st, there will be a resident BBQ for all residents. They
will be served chicken, brats, and corn on the cob cooked on the grill. There has been a resident
BBQ every third Wednesday of the month during the summer months. October Fest will be on
October 15th. Families, residents and others from the community are encouraged to attend.
There will be root beer, sauerkraut and sausages served along with other food items. During the
winter months, there will be a Resident Meal of the Month picked by the residents. In
November, there will be a baked goods and craft sale. The money raised will go to the Resident
Fund. .
3. Kathy Brecke spoke about how billing is done here. She talked about Patient Liability. If a
resident is on Medical Assistance, they may be required to pay a patient liability. This is
determined by the Northern Income Maintenance Consortium. It is based on income and
certain credits subtracted such as for health insurance. The resident gets to keep $45 for
his/her personal needs. Kathy also went over the Mission and Vision statements of the facility.
Kathy talked about the resident, staff and family surveys that are being conducted. Everyone’s
input is very important. Families, who were at the meeting, were given surveys to fill out. The
rest of the families will get theirs in the mail.
4. Lisa Gervais, Administrator, talked about the CNA class that NTC will be teaching at Pine Crest. It
did start this week and will run until the beginning of December. Pine Crest now has a Facebook
Page that is up and running. The Pine Crest Website should go live on September 29th.
Information about Pine Crest will be posted such as Activity calendars and dietary menus plus
pictures and information about the facility. Next Wednesday, the Department Heads will
participate in the Ice Bucket Challenge. Residents, staff and family members were praised for
their participation in the Fill the Gazebo Competition.
5. Kathy Weix-Klippel, Family Nurse Practitioner, from the Marshfield Clinic, spoke about Adult
Immunizations. She shared the following information:
Immunizations are helpful in trying to prevent problems. The types of adult
immunizations are flu, pneumovax, zoster and Tdap.
36,000 deaths each year from the flu virus. Immunizations prevent illness and
protect others. Some diseases such as small pox and polio have been wiped out due
to vaccinations.
The flu is a virus. The symptoms are fever, cough, chills, sore throat and body aches.
The peak season is January- February. You should receive an immunization one time
a year. You should definitely get the flu shot if you are over 65, children and
pregnant women. You can get the vaccine by nasal spray or shot. An extra strength
shot is recommended for older persons. Immunity takes two weeks to build. Getting
the shot earlier is better. Influenza is not nausea, vomiting or diarrhea. It is a
respiratory illness. People can die from the complications. Severe reaction to the
shot could include: wheezing, swelling of mouth and throat, severe rash. Do not get
the shot if you are feeling under the weather. Other reactions are pain at the site,
fever and weakness.
Pneumovax shot is given to those who are older. If you are over 65, you are at
increased risk to get sick from the pneumococcal virus. It can result in death, heart
failure, seizures and hospitalizations. Symptoms are fever, chills, cough, chest pain
and stiff neck. Those recommended to get the shot are: elderly, nursing home/
CBRF patients, smokers, immunocompromised, and those with no spleen. The
vaccine is 60-70% effective. The shot lasts about six years. Reaction to the shot is
pain, fever and muscle aches.
Shingles or Zoster Vaccine. Shingles is a painful disease. It is a reactivation of the
chicken pox virus. It is a painful rash. It is itchy and picky. It is usually on one side of
the body. It follows nerve pathways. It can have post neuralgia pain that can last
months to years. There are 1 million cases every year. If you get it, an antiviral can
help. You can even get the shot after having the shingles as it can prevent
reoccurrence. People who should not get it are those with Aids, those on prednisone
and chemo and if you are pregnant. Reactions to the shot include redness, soreness,
headaches and a mild form of shingles.
TD or TDap vaccine. Should get one shot of TDap as an adult as it covers the
pertussis or whooping cough. It also covers Tetanus. This is also known as lock jaw.
It covers diphtheria. This is a bacterial disease which causes breathing problems and
heart failure. You should get the TD shot at least once every 10 years and the TDap
at least once as an adult. Severe reactions to the vaccine include: severe allergic
reaction, neurological disorders. Normal reactions include: pain, redness, swelling,
fever, diarrhea and head ache.
Other adult immunizations that are offered are: Hepitis B, Hepitis A, and MMR. You
can get your vaccinations at Pine Crest, your local clinics and Lincoln Co. Health
Department. Pine Crest offers flu shots to all residents, staff, volunteers and some
family members. It is Pine Crest policy that if staff do not get the flu vaccine, they
will have to wear a mask from December 1st through March 31st.
6. Families and residents were given the opportunity to ask questions. One family asked about
the 90 minute rounding and if it will start again. Lisa said that this may start again in November.
Lisa also talked about new hours for CNA’s . The shifts will now be 6-2pm, 2-10pm and 10-6am.
This coincides better with activities ending at 3:00pm. This should help provide better resident
7. Meeting was adjourned.