Residence Services - Wright State University

Assessment Report Standard Format
July 1, 2010 - June 30, 2011
PROGRAM(S) ASSESSED _______Residence Services (ORS) _____
ASSESSMENT COORDINATOR ______Dan Bertsos_______________
YEAR _____2____ of a _____2____YEAR CYCLE
What was done?
a) “Quality of Life Survey,” (April ‘10) assesses quality of housing
services offered to current residents. (18th year)
“Winterview,” (Fall, Winter and Spring terms, 2009-10) identifies
adjustment issues and other challenges faced by residents.
(sixth year)
c) Resident Satisfaction Survey (February/March 2011) is a phone
survey conducted by CUPA of 600 current residents and 600
former residents still enrolled at WSU to assess the various
services & programs offered to campus residents. (alternate
years, fifth assessment)
d) MAP assessment (MAP-Works®, Making Achievement Possible,
Educational Benchmarking Inc.) Follow Up was conducted in
collaboration with Edwin Mayes in University College for
residents and non-residents using a CUPA facilitated phone
survey in October 2011.
Who participated in the process?
a) “Quality of Life Survey,” All campus residents were surveyed at
April floor meetings, using answer sheets that are electronically
“Winterview” involves three interviews by hall staff with each
resident in their area of responsibility (over 2,800 individuals)
during the 2009-10 Academic year
c) Resident Satisfaction Survey (February/March 2011) 600
individuals in each category are randomly selected by CUPA
d) MAP Follow Up (October 2011) was offered to all first year
students enrolled in UVC 101 classes, followed by a summer
“matched pair” follow up survey to determine progress and areas
needing attention.
What challenges (if any) were encountered?
a) “Quality of Life Survey,” findings were consistent or better than results
from previous years.
“Winterview” identified a full range of issues facing residents, including
personal, social, academic and other concerns. Many were responded
to by the hall staff, while others were referred to Counseling & Wellness
or the appropriate campus office.
c) Resident Satisfaction Survey (February/March 2011) Levels of
satisfaction continued to improve on previous findings. Additional
information regarding technology and dining were added for this year,
and passed on to those departments.
d) MAP Follow Up (October 2011) is still being compared to the three years
of results from the MAP survey to develop trends. The additional
information that will be obtained from the summer administration will
used to complete the results of this first administration.
a) “Quality of Life Survey,” Some survey questions were revised in response
to the new instruments used last year
“Winterview” was conducted three times this Academic Year, expanding it
to all three terms.
c) Resident Satisfaction Survey (February/March 2011) Additional items
regarding technology and dining were added for this year, and passed on to
those departments.
d) MAP Follow Up (October 2011) The survey questions will be evaluated and
revised as necessary to cover the topics that are the focus of the survey for
both the Fall and Summer questionnaires.
The Quality of Life and Winterview assessments will continue to be offered
annually. The Resident Satisfaction Survey will be offered on alternating
years. The MAP Follow Up will be administered annually, within the first six
weeks of the Fall academic term, then followed up with a summer contact to
provide “matched pair” data to use in assessment.
“Winterview”, will be continued in a three phase program, with the focus in the
Fall term being on new students (direct from High School and Transfers). Winter
term will include follow up meetings with new students and a full interview with
returning students. A follow up will be conducted in the Spring term with any
resident expressing a significant issue during either of the previous terms.
Response/referral will be offered by hall staff and Counseling and Wellness staff,
as was the case last year.