Laboratory Report

Laboratory Report
Physics 151 Laboratory
Section 14 Thu 07:00 pm to 09:45 pm
Instructor: Hamed Sadeghi
Student: Payam Farrokhi
Laboratory Session #2
Date 09/15/2011
Vector Addition: Graphs, Vector Components, and the structure of Space
A) The Abstract
The experiment in this session was about conditions of equilibrium. During this session, we also
learned about measuring and analyzing vectors that represent forces.
B) The Introduction
Three forces were applied to a metal ring sitting on the table. The forces were generated by three
hanging masses which were attached to the ring via some string. There were some given angles,
and we were responsible to find the right masses which would make the ring to be equilibrium.
C) The Conclusion
By doing the session of lab report, we got to know more about forces and their effects on each
other as well as on the system. We were also able to analyze vectors in different situations.