6a quiz

Unit 6 – Quiz
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This is a period in a civilization’s history when the civilization undergoes significant advancement in
several fields. This period helps to define the civilization.
Civilization started to return to western Europe with the reign of an emperor of the Franks. He
promoted learning and encouraged monks to copy literature from the ancient Greeks and Romans.
Under this social and military system of the Middle Ages in Europe, people provided income or
military service to those above, and those above provided land and protection to those below.
These were fearless and bloodthirsty raiders from Scandinavia who terrorized much of Europe
during the Middle Ages, but they also brought the spirit of ocean exploration to Europe.
This ancient land is considered the main source of Western Civilization.
Although Rome fell in 476 AD, the eastern part of the Roman Empire lasted for another thousand
years under a new name. It was home to the Orthodox branch of Christianity.
Vikings moved into this land, dominated the Slavic people living there, and traded with the
Byzantine Empire to the south. This land adopted important features of Byzantine culture.
Four centuries of unrest followed the fall of the Han dynasty. In the early Middle Ages, a new
dynasty returned China to greatness. This dynasty revived the teachings of Confucius, traded along
the Grand Canal, and invented gunpowder and printing.
This region includes the southeast corner of the Asian mainland and a large archipelago between
the Asian mainland and Australia. It was home to sailors who opened the southern ocean trade
As rice farming spread from China, new societies developed in two outlying countries: one a
peninsula attached to China, the other a nearby archipelago. Both of these countries were strongly
influenced by Chinese culture.
This culture prospered during the early Middle Ages in southern Mexico and northern Central
America. It had writing, and it was the most advanced native civilization of the Americas.
At its height, this empire of Ancient Times controlled a large international trading network that
completely surrounded the Mediterranean Sea and extended from Britain to the Middle East.
It has tropical rainforests in the Congo River basin. In the east are the Great Rift Valley and the Nile
River. In the north is the Sahara Desert. What continent is this?
This major world religion began in India when a prince wondered why there was so much suffering
in the world. It declined in India but spread to East Asia and Southeast Asia.