Formal Letter Phrases

Formal Letter Phrases
It is absolutely outrageous (to suggest…..)
I will be taking the matter further.
I am outraged, shocked, disappointed, in
disbelief, deeply concerned.
This is completely unacceptable!
It is inconceivable that……..
This is just totally unreasonable!
How can they even contemplate …….
It is fantastic, fabulous, exciting to see….
These people need to take a long hard look at
I would like to congratulate….
It is disappointing that the council wants to……
How could that be allowed?
Why is the council not taking a strong stance on
Who would have thought…?
I take this opportunity to….
I am extremely frustrated with….
I am livid to think that someone would…
I am beside myself with rage/happiness.
It makes my blood boil when….
Can’t they see it is wrong?
I felt enormously proud to see….
This is grossly unfair!
I am so pleased that……
Where is the justice?
I have some real misgivings about……
Someone needs to accept responsibility.
It is gratifying to see……
You cannot sit back and do nothing…
Who will take responsibility for this?
How would you feel in this situation?
Who is to blame?
It is exceedingly/extremely inconvenient.
This is totally unacceptable!
I feel most put out….
Clearly the people who did this have no respect!
I am only one taxpayer but do I not count?
I am constantly amazed by….
I find it difficult to express my
It never ceases to amaze me that……
Am I the only one who thinks…?
Where are the police when you need them?
I find it hard to comprehend….
I would like you to reconsider….
I am asking that the council take immediate
action to…
Doesn’t anyone care?
This is simply not good enough!
I really appreciate….
I am elated that the council is going to…
This is unbelievable.
How could they do this?
I hope my suggestions are taken seriously.
It is truly amazing, inspiring….
Were those just empty promises?
I urge, implore you to ….
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