Practice Policies - Beansprout Pediatrics

Practice Policies
Office hours are Monday – Friday 8:30am – 4:30pm, closed for Lunch 12:00-1:30pm. We begin
seeing patients at 9am on weekdays however; our staff will be in at 8:30 each day to
answer phone calls and to schedule appointments. We know you can’t always predict when
your child will get sick and need to see a provider, however if possible, please call us
first thing in the morning so that we can find you a convenient time to be seen the same
Parking is directly in front of our office.
We offer two up-front spots for our newborn
We are committed to providing your child with the best possible medical care.
If you have special financial needs, we are willing to work with you. The following
information is provided to avoid any misunderstanding or disagreement concerning payment
for professional services.
: Our office participates with a variety of insurance plans. It is your
responsibility to:
 Verify benefits and coverage prior to any visits so that you are not billed for
unanticipated charges.
 Bring your insurance card and photo I.D. at every visit.
 Pay your Co-Payment and/or any deductibles at each visit. Payment can be made by
cash, check or credit card. We accept Diners Club, Discover, Visa and Master Card.
We do not bill for Co-Payments.
 Pay in full for any medical care or services that are not covered by your insurance
We will file insurance as a courtesy; however, YOU ARE ULTIMATELY RESPONSIBLE FOR YOUR
CHILD’S CHARGES. If your child has insurance that we do not participate with, or your
child does not have insurance, payment in full is expected at the time of service. Your
child will be a “Private Pay” patient in our office. We offer a discount to “Private
Pay” patients, if the charges are paid at the time of service. If you have questions
about your insurance, we are happy to help. However, specific coverage issues should be
directed to your insurance company member services department. The telephone number is
usually located on your insurance card.
If you’re insurance plan is a HMO or POS policy it may require you to choose a PCP
(Primary Care Provider). You will need to choose Danielle Grant, M.D. If your insurance
card lists another physician’s name, we will see your child, but you will be “Private
Pay” and will be required to pay at the time of service until the PCP has been changed
to: Danielle Grant, M.D.
You are financially responsible for any amount not covered by your child’s plan and for
all charges incurred in your child’s care and treatment. Payments will be requested by
and returned to Beansprout Pediatrics, PLLC. If you fail to make payment in full for
services that are rendered to you, your outstanding balance will be sent to an outside
collection agency. You will be responsible for any fees associated with the collection of
your outstanding balance. Failure to meet your financial obligations with this office
could lead to dismissal from the practice.
To protect your child’s records, we ask you to provide our office with a driver’s license
or other picture identification. Annually, or as changes occur, we will ask you to
update and sign our Patient Information & Consent Form. We will scan your insurance card,
ID, and this Form, into your child’s electronic health record. We will check these
documents prior to releasing your child’s records.
Practice Policies
Saturdays, holidays, and after hours appointments may have a different co-pay depending
on your insurance company.
In cases of divorce and/or separation, the legal guardian and/or the person bringing the
child in for services will be held responsible for paying co-payments and any balance
originating from that visit. If you provide legal documentation that someone other than
the legal guardian is financially responsible and you provide billing information for
that responsible party, we will attempt to bill that party for balance, however; if the
balance is unpaid by that person, you will be held responsible for the balance on your
child’s account.
Returned Checks: There is a fee (currently $30.00) for any checks returned by the bank.
If we received more than one returned check on an account you will be required to pay
with a credit card, money order or cash. We reserve the right to submit your information
to the legal authorities, as this is a crime in the state of Texas
Initial Visits: The first time you visit Beansprout; there are some forms you must fill
out prior to being seen. If you have internet access we will email you a link to our
patient portal “” along with your username to read and fill out new
patient paperwork. If you do not have access to the internet, please arrive 15 minutes
prior to your first appointment so that you will have ample time to read & fill out
required forms
Sick Visits: Please contact our office for an appointment as soon as you think you might
need to be seen. If you need help determining if you should bring your child in, please
call the office and speak with the nurse. Please call early in the day so that we can
guide you through the decision making process. We will see sick children the same day you
call, but please be aware there may be a wait in the office for these visits.
Newborn Visits: Before leaving the hospital, call and set up the first appointment for
your newborn. Bring all relevant medical information: Discharge paperwork “Baby
Papers”, this would include all vital information about Mom’s delivery & newborn
Well Child Exam Schedule: Bringing your child in for regular well child checkups is an
important part of his/her healthcare. These visits allow us to evaluate your child's
health, growth, and development. This also gives you the opportunity to address various
issues that may be of concern to you. Many parents will bring a list with them to the
checkup. Our practice follows the guidelines of the American Academy of Pediatrics for
routine well child immunizations and screening tests. Please make well child
appointments as early as possible (at least four to six weeks prior to the requested
date). Demand may vary throughout the year so, we encourage you to call as early as
possible to schedule; we limit the number of well checks each day as this makes it
possible for us to accommodate same day sick appointments. Please arrive at least 15
minutes prior to your appointment time so that any required paperwork (ex. change of
address or telephone number) can be handled before your scheduled time.
Nurse calls If you have routine medical questions please email:
[email protected] If you have a sick child or a more acute medical
issue, please call to speak with the nurse do not email, as email is only checked
periodically throughout the day. If you feel your child may need to be seen, it is
always best to make an appointment as leaving a message for the nurse may delay
appointment time & calls are returned in the order of medical priority.
Practice Policies
Late or Missed Appointment Fee: We attempt to make reminder calls/emails for well checks,
but it is ultimately your responsibility to remember appointments. If a patient is more
than 10 minutes late for a well checkup we will have to reschedule. Depending on our
schedule you may be given the option to wait and possibly be “worked in” in the event
another patient does not show up for their scheduled appointment. If you do not cancel
24 hours prior to the scheduled time, a $25.00 fee will be charged. Patients with 3
missed appointments may lead to dismissal from the practice.
Prescribing: Your prescriptions will be automatically sent to your preferred pharmacy to
eliminate your wait time. If a prescription is needed for a routinely filled medication,
please contact your pharmacy they will e-scribe a request to us for our approval. Some
medications must be written; if your child gets a monthly Rx, please call and request
this while you still have 5 days’ worth of medication. You may pick up your prescription
@ our office the following day after 2:00pm unless otherwise indicated.
Lab Tests: BSP sends outgoing lab to Clinical Pathology Laboratory. Please indicate if
a specific lab is required by your insurance when filling out Patient Information &
Consent Form. Lab fees are the patient’s responsibility.
Transferring of Records: If you want to have copies of your child’s records transferred
to another physician, organization, or for your own personal files, you will need to fill
out & sign our Disclosure of Protected Authorization for Release and Health Information
Form, and pay a reasonable fee (currently $25) to Beansprout Pediatrics.