File - CAPE-2015

Guidelines for abstract preparation
 Prepare your abstract as a Microsoft word document and not as pdf document
 Title of the abstract should be written in Times New Roman font with font size 14,
centre aligned, title case
 Authors name should be written in Times New Roman font with font size 12 and
centre aligned
 Use superscripts to indicate the affiliation of authors
 Author’s names should be separated by comma
 Use ‘*’ to denote corresponding author
 Author list is to be followed by affiliation in ascending order of numbers used.
 Mention the e-mail address of the corresponding author
 Affiliation should be written in Times New Roman font with font size 10, Center
 Mention the author’s affiliation addresses below the names
 All the affiliations should be indicated with a lower-case superscript letter after the
authors name and in front of the appropriate address
 Kindly provide complete postal addresses of each affiliation
 Affiliations should be followed by e-mail address of corresponding author
 Use A4 size paper with 1.25" spacing on left and 1" for other three sides. Do not use
any spacing before and after the paragraph. The body of the abstract should be
justified and typed in Times New Roman, 12 pt, not bold, with single line spacing
 Abstract should be restricted to one A4 page only including figure (if, any).
Abstract should be of single paragraph and max of 300 words for the main body of the
 Abstract should essentially convey the objective of the present work, methodology
adopted, operating conditions investigated in the present study, key observations and
expected outcome of the work. Abstract should be followed by Keywords
 Citations and references should be avoided in abstract
 There can be a maximum of 5 keywords in Times New Roman font with font size 10,
Italicized and separated by comma
Note: Authors are requested to use the abstract template as reference.