January 12

Lesson Plans-Art
January 12 – 16th, 2015
Sarah Wagaman
Kindergarten: “My Beautiful Monster” Continued
Kindergarten students will continue their symmetrical critters during this week’s art class. Last
week they used a maximum of three colors to fold their paper with paints to acquire symmetry
or balance. Now they are dried and prepared to cut them out and adding details such as eyes,
antennas, legs, etc… with construction paper. I will continue to emphasize use of symmetry by
demonstrating folding the paper in half when cutting out details. These will likely be finished
and will be displayed (and some kept for the artshow). Next week we will begin something
First Grade: “Triangle, Ovals, and Circles- Oh My! Penguins Assemblage”
Last week we started a unit on penguins with a bit of background regarding their
habits and physical features. I had a couple groups so an assemblage and a
couple groups utilize the basic shapes to draw the small, medium, and large
(displaying depth). This week I will anticipate finalizing for each section by either
cutting/gluing or implementing color. IF we can conclude some may be taken
home, some on display, and some held onto for the artshow. (LEQ; foreground,
middleground, and background).
Second Grade: “No More Stick Figures”
Second graders will be expected to draw “bodies” from this point forward as
stick figures will not be acceptable. I will demonstrate and keep up on the
Promethean board for students to utilize during assignment. We will draw a basic
figure for the first and or second try. We may do an extension of a larger version
or performing an action after students begin to feel more confident and
comfortable with the process and shapes. We will sketch first with pencil, outline
and then implement color. LEQ: proportion. The length of lesson is
approximately two art sessions.
As the students did a sloppy copy or practice version last week, this week we will
use same concepts on a larger scale 12 x 18”. This time we will be sure to sketch
beyond the basics such as facial features perhaps indicative of someone they
know, patterned clothing, simple background, as well as color.
Third Grade: “Mona Lisa” Interpretation
Continued - Students have seen the Mona Lisa from a previous lesson long ago.
This may be a review for some and new for others. I will photocopy a black and
white of the Mona Lisa as large as possible. We will then draw our own
interpretations of the Mona Lisa utilizing her face and likely her arms. Creatively
what can we be doing in this particular posed position? Some may draw
additional parts to body (via connected), holding something, someone else in the
illustration, an interesting background (in context) etc… Once we have it sketched
in pencil and the Mona Lisa photocopy cut outs we will likely outline with black
Sharpie and implement color. The length of the lesson will vary from 2-4 sessions.
LEQ: artist Michelangelo, reproduction Mona Lisa, and posed.
Fourth Grade: “Self Portrait” Handprints
On 9 x 12” white drawing paper students will trace his/her hand or have someone
else do so neatly! It can be present from any angle, partially open, finger spread
wide apart, etc… student’s choice. Once traced they will fill in handprint with
various patterns also their choice. A border must be included and I will provide
samples as well as white background directly behind the hand to allow room for
writing. Fourth graders will be asked to answer specific questions and they may
choose which ones to answer as a brief biography of them currently in fourth
grade – who they are if you will. I.E. What is your favorite color, favorite food?,
favorite person to spend time with, favorite sport, etc…
This too should be done legibly and thoughtfully as it’s a great keepsake and
basically a blueprint of them currently. The length of lesson will vary, but
approximately 4 art sessions. These will be terrific art show pieces if time/care is
applied to work.
Last week these sections were able to begin by tracing hands, adding borders as
well as commencing patterns within the hands. All of which are determined by
the student as well as they consist of patterns (not simply designs). This week
students will outline the hand and border and then implement color within the
patterns using colored pencils to pick up all details. I will also have the typed
form of questions that will consist of their “autobiography” that will be a part of
the background.