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Pågående examensarbeten 2014
Linköpings Universitet
Emma Gustafsson VT 2014, Tree emissions Följesjön m. Sunitha
Lina Törnqvist MSc biologi, växtflöden Erssjön
Emma Jansson MSc biologi, AFC Erssjön
Felicia Alriksson MSc biologi, AFC Erssjön
Madeléne Lundén – GHG från bäckar m Siva
Axel Österlind <> Kan metanebullition utlösas av fisk?
Måns Kyhlbäck <> Kan metanebullition utlösas av fisk?
Göteborgs Universitet
Olle Hallqvist (BSc)
Elin Nyström (MSc)
Mapping & characterisation of the regional geology and ground
water situation in the Skogaryd area, Västra Götaland
Hydrogeological and geophysical investigations to evaluate
groundwater controls of greenhouse gas emission from drained
forest and peat soils at the Skogaryd national research site
In preparation from LAGGE/BECC and other ongoing projects to be submitted
2014/spring 2015
Rütting et al.: Effects of mycorrhizosphere on N dynamics and N2O emission
Bengtson et al.: Rhizosphere priming related to N mineralization in organic forest soil
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