Characterization notes ANGUS

Characterization notes (from “Angus”)
Characterization: the act of creating and developing a
character (making him or her seem believable)
Three methods:
 Sharing the character’s thoughts, actions and
 Describing his/her appearance
 Revealing what others in the story think of this
Basic characters:
Flat character- one or two traits; can be summed up in a
Ex. Angus’ stepfather, Alexander/grandfather
Round character: complex, and many sided; might require
an essay to explain; usually the main character (wellrounded, many traits)
Ex. Angus
Stock character: (special kind of flat) – a stereotyped
Ex. Strong sheriff, a brilliant detective
In “Angus” – the stock character is Rick Sanford, a football
player (popular, jock)
Static character: stays the same (displays no change) from
beginning to end
Ex: Rick is a static character
Dynamic character: undergoes a permanent change in
personality; outlook (for better or for worse)
Ex. Angus Bethune and Melissa LeFevre
THEME: The central or main idea in a story. The message
about life or human nature that is “hidden” in the story
that the writer tells.
Ex. Things are not always as they appear.