Anne of the Thousand Days movie questions complete set


Anne of the Thousand Days

Movie Questions


What do we learn the Queen is found guilty of at the beginning of the movie? 2.

Who is Henry married to at the beginning of the movie? 3.

What is the role of Thomas Cromwell? 4.

What is the role of Cardinal Thomas Wolsey ? 5.

Who was Mary Boleyn to the King? 6.

Why did Anne’s true love, Percy, marry someone else? 7.

Why did King Henry marry Catherine of Aragon?


What does Anne, ever so cleverly, make King Henry realize about his power and Wolsey’s power? 9. What plan has the King now devised to get Anne to marry him? 10. How can he dissolve the marriage with Catherine of Aragon? 11. Does Catherine agree to do this? 12. What process does Henry have to go through in order to dissolve the marriage with Catherine? 13. If Henry makes himself head of the Church of England, what does this mean concerning his tie with the Catholic church? 14. What does the Act of Supremacy give to the King? 15. For those who will not take the Oath of Allegiance to the King, what is their destiny? 16. Why does Henry marry Anne before his marriage with Catherine is dissolved? 17. Were the people of England happy about the marriage? Why? 18. What is the name of the child that Anne bore with Henry?

19. Who does Henry now have eyes for and what does Anne do about that? 20. The Act of Succession would give Anne’s baby __________________ but it must be signed by ________________________________________________. 21. What happened to Anne’s second baby? 22. Why does Henry have Anne arrested? 23. Does Henry really believe Anne is guilty? How do you know? 24. Why did the musician confess? 25. What is the significance of the title Anne of the Thousand Days?