Attachment No. 2: Homework Compilation

TCAP Task Force Meeting #2
Land Use and Design, Historic Resources, Conservation & Sustainability
March 27, 2013
Town Center Design Palette:
Compilation of all Task Force Members’ Homework
Varying styles: Historic, Spanish, and
Remain “consistent”.
A mixed bag = okay. Recent remodels
and north side of station looks like
Menlo Park. Characterless, cold Prefer the funk / mixed bag.
Library – looks tired and dated.
Garden is lovely.
Pioneer - charming building but
strange color.
Break up the line of financial
businesses. Should be less uniform, not
sleek. Encourage funk / one-of-a-kind
Library – build/renovate facility to be
more like Portola Valley Library.
Pioneer- repaint in a more subtle hue.
White? Gray? Beige?
Commercial buildings (post office,
mail box, etc.) dull color, charmless.
Commercial buildings – stain (not
paint) a natural gray instead of horrible
brown. Need new businesses.
Robert’s Market – could use a facelift,
esp. parking area
Robert’s – plant trees on Woodside
Road to block parking.
Commercial buildings (Pub, Village
Doctor) are tired and need new
Commercial buildings – need new
businesses like pharmacy,
bookstore/café, toy store, ice cream.
Most of the buildings are consistent in New paint on stores both sides of
Woodside Road.
Positive = Pioneer Hotel/Saloon, Alain
Pinel, Miller Design, Emily Joubert,
Gilbert Center, Robert’s, Station 1,
Independence Hall, Town Hall, Comm.
Museum, Chapel Village Church,
Woodside Elementary.
A hodge/podge mix of styles, mostly
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Use Tripp Store template for any new
design / architecture. Switch out all
doors on Tanaya Capital building.
Allow future development on an
individual basis, but maintain small
scale and rural style, also some twostory elements for retail use below and
TCAP Task Force Meeting #2
Land Use and Design, Historic Resources, Conservation & Sustainability
March 27, 2013
one-story which has “evolved” over
the years.
some residential /office above.
Eclectic - old rural, modified. Some
buildings look rundown. Cheap
materials used with no overall plan.
Review all painting/color
modifications. Request owners to
upgrade and maintain. Upgrade when
Haphazard – Town rustic.
Gathering areas needed.
The existing buildings are a good
collection of funky architecture and as
a collection give a feeling of a Town
that has developed organically over
the years.
Resist any temptation to make the
buildings too pretty. Insist that
changes address the functioning of the
Town Center as a community hub.
3036-62 Woodside Road = ok.
2965-89 Woodside Road = Buildings
don’t relate to Woodside Road, worse
than backside. Coldwell Banker rural
Victorian, or what?
2995 Woodside Road = ok
Beautiful Town buildings; lovely
architecture and nicely done.
Is eclectic and should remain that
way. Standardization does not fit the
Town or its people.
Nicely done architecture buildings
add charm to Town.
Mixed palette; some styles more
rural, others less. Wooden face; tile
Entry buildings look cropped. Flat
roofs along Woodside Road is
unappealing and boring. Pioneer
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Murals on blank walls in back. Tile
brow has got to go!
Unify all “wood” or stucco? Unify
rooftop styles? Color palettes to be
more unified?
Modify design restrictions that dictate
height limit. More flexibility is needed
and designs should be judged on a
case by case basis. Think more outside
the box!
Encourage better detailing.
Make neater; modernize. Bucks needs
roof treatment to cover up vents, etc.
Continue to encourage and support
use of natural materials, including
stone and wood, and finishes –
including integral-color stucco – with
nuance and complexity not typically
found in man-made materials. With
future building renovations, encourage
attention to pedestrian-friendly
TCAP Task Force Meeting #2
Land Use and Design, Historic Resources, Conservation & Sustainability
March 27, 2013
building and its historic sign is being
obstructed by unauthorized trees.
Low silhouettes and hodge podge.
Really awaiting more consensus on
Uneven and inconsistent.
“Pub” area – backs of building look
rough – some plans seem to be in
place – horse ties at Town Hall and
Robert’s .
Significant use of wood, stucco and
related natural materials. Generally,
low-key, unpretentious design. Two
or three Town Center buildings are in
need of renovation. Most buildings
along south side of Woodside Road
have significant entries in both front
and rear.
walkways and building entry points;
encourage new patios, porches and
other outdoor seating; continue to
encourage articulation. With future
renovation work, encourage careful
attention to the street frontage of all
buildings. Within the Municipal Code,
confirm the need to obtain Town ASRB
approval for any and all changes to
Town Center building exteriors,
including, but not limited to, painting.
Explore opportunities, if any, to reduce
the scope and scale of the existing
Chevron station.
Very little.
Encourage more greenery.
Simple flower boxes at Gilbert Center.
Natural or none.
Lovely “meadow” between Town Hall
and Museum.
Shouldn’t look planted. “Hand of Man”
My dream would be to have 2 large
“Triangle”, “Village Hill” nice.
underground parking lots built. That
would allow the Town Center to be
When I drive through the Town
entirely pedestrian and beautifully
Center, I am struck by how
landscaped. The chances of this
unattractive all of the parking lots are.
happening are relatively slim due to
Very few of the lots are nicely
the costs of such a project. However,
landscaped to minimize the
we can improve the eyesore parking
appearance of cars. Power lines
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TCAP Task Force Meeting #2
Land Use and Design, Historic Resources, Conservation & Sustainability
March 27, 2013
(especially on Mountain Home Road)
are a visual blight.
Hedges in front of parking spaces at
Gilbert Center on Woodside Road
look unkempt.
Power poles, although nicely kept up,
detract from the rural character.
Where are the natives? Positive = red
bud at Station 1, Gilbert Center, Palm
tree at Robert’s (Town icon), and
Valley Oak Wells Fargo and all oaks.
Restore meadow/bowl concept in
front of Town Hall – put back trees on
walkway. Too much “fussy” plantings
here and there. Alec Donald Triangle
looks good.
lots a lot with proper landscaping.
Power poles underground.
Need replacement or trimming – looks
Investigate undergrounding of power
like all other industrialized countries.
Pear tree moratorium? Remove
daffodils from Village Hill, and replace
with native wildflowers. Remove pear
tree row - allow Pioneer sign visibility.
More native and more pruning at
crucial times – use plants to create
outdoor “space”. More trees to close
in Woodside Road east of Robert’s.
Encourage more landscaping.
Rather sparse. Some areas
Request owner to maintain
Sparse, natural.
Require trees with all Town Center
building applications.
There is too much prissy, decorative
landscaping all over Town Center. The
meadow originally intended in front
of the Town Hall, has been
overplanted and is no longer the
focus. With the killing of the trees in
front of Town Hall the focus is now
more on the Town Hall building and
pavement rather than the natural
3036-62 Woodside Road = Trees in
back ok; need more in front.
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Town should budget for public
landscaping projects.
Allot funds for new large trees.
Median landscaping on Woodside
Keep up the good work.
More attention should be given to the
spaces created by plantings and the
General Plan’s policy of using native
plants should be enforced. Oak trees
TCAP Task Force Meeting #2
Land Use and Design, Historic Resources, Conservation & Sustainability
March 27, 2013
2965-89 Woodside Road = spotty.
2995 Woodside Road = good
screening from Woodside Road.
Could be more colorful, needs to be
trimmed at Cañada Lane – cannot see
on-coming cars. Love flowers in front
of Pub and Fire Dept. Triangle in Town
Center could be more beautiful.
I love the daffodils and the horse
statue on Woodside Road.
Pub flowers are lovely.
Too sparse, need more flowers.
Few trees; bushes - landscape does
not define Town spaces.
Odd – not attractive. Uninviting and
boring; lack of color. Unappealing.
Pacific Grove is beautiful! Rocks in
front of Pioneer are dangerous, ugly,
and out of place.
Very little. Stark hard feeling
Would like to see better street
landscaping in vicinity of Robert’s
Missing in some areas – maintenance
Too much road parking. Little to add
to pedestrian experience. No public
bathroom. Uneven maintenance.
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should be used to shape the spaces
along Woodside Road.
Needs more on Woodside Road and
rear parking.
Move horse sculpture to center
triangle, and plant this in beautiful
plants – like Pub/Fire Dept. gardens.
Suggest person who keeps flowers for
Stanford Mall – Town needs more
color and beauty.
Hanging baskets of flowers from
Robert’s would be beautiful – more
flowers at Bucks center.
Use of landscaping to define areas; use
of landscape to direct ambulatory/car
Get off the strictly native kick – God
made vibrant colors that include
natives, but also included annuals and
perennials. Hold landscape
Needs landscape to soften Town
Add landscaping along the north and
south sides of Woodside Road, within
the Cal-Trans right-of-way. Add
limited, well-chosen landscaping to
Village Hill. With any application for
significant building work, require the
planting of new tree(s). On Townowned property within Dry Creek,
TCAP Task Force Meeting #2
Land Use and Design, Historic Resources, Conservation & Sustainability
March 27, 2013
Creek bed below Museum – natural,
looks good. Could be cleaned up –
made into a more inviting scene –
trails. Existing planting plan for swale
between Town Hall and Museum?
Village Hill, Dry Creek, and the open
space between Town Hall and the
Woodside Museum are significant
elements of Town Center. Woodside
Road is quite wide and dominates the
view when entering Town Center.
Overhead utility lines, are a major
visual element in the Town Center.
remove dead trees and prune
remaining trees to facilitate and
maintain tree health. Add horse hitch
in open area on Town-owned Town
Center parcel near the Dry Creek north
bank (i.e., behind the current Village
Pub wood storage area). Enhance the
horse trail on the Town-owned Town
Center parcel just to the east of Gilbert
Center, reducing the slope. Where
possible, encourage the conversion of
parking area asphalt to landscape
planters. Remove the existing Village
Pub storage area used for wood and
‘other materials’ and relocate closer to
the Village Pub. With any application
for significant building work, require
the construction of trash and recycling
bin enclosures made of wood and
other natural materials. Construct
permanent yard – perhaps outside the
Town Center – for Town-owned
maintenance equipment, vehicles and
related storage. Upon completion of
same, perhaps construct additional TC
parking at location of prior storage
None or virtually none.
Cafes. Coffee House (like one being
built). Toy store. Ice cream/yogurt.
Fire Station – defibrillator- “mini”
park bench, water fountain. New
hitch racks. Few places to linger.
I would like to see more businesses
open which attract residents to come
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Retain clothing store (children and
adult). Pharmacy. Pizza parlor. Yoga
Re-pave and grade to improve water
TCAP Task Force Meeting #2
Land Use and Design, Historic Resources, Conservation & Sustainability
March 27, 2013
and want to stay in the Town Center.
We also need businesses which make
going to Redwood City or Menlo Park
Parking lot often floods during heavy
rain (shopping center). Open area in
back of center is a fire hazard.
New hitch racks by Bucks, Museum?
No benches.
Rock wall at Alec Donald Triangle for
people to sit.
Virtually non-existent.
Very few.
Is appropriate for the size – no need
for public toilets – will be overrun by
No amenities; benches, restrooms,
drinking fountain. Parking difficult,
meant for “errands”, not to linger.
Parking areas poorly defined.
Convenience improvement. Parking,
sadly lacking; unsafe trails; Town
looks junky; more hitch racks needed;
Pelotons destroying peace of Town –
not rural, not honoring equestrian
bent, not neighborhood friendly.
Open back area to make employee
parking for center.
Benches by museum?
More gathering places with benches,
racks for bicycles and horses,
bathrooms, drinking fountains, bulletin
board, first aid station.
Provide restrooms, drinking fountains,
park benches, picnic areas, parking,
trash and recycle receptacles, parking
area for bicycles.
Water fountains, toilets,
tables/benches (near Robert’s to eat
deli food).
The Town Center needs bathrooms,
hitching racks, bike racks, benches, and
drinking fountains.
Could use more benches.
NO public toilets – who will keep
themclean? Why attract more folks to
Town? This does NOT benefit the
residents in many ways.
Very few – stark, hard feeling
Add, define “rest area” for
bikers/riders. Areas of benches; café
seating during summer; bikers sign up
for parking access to parking/railing off
Trails map(s) for visitors – vacant area
behind Robert’s left by Town request
looks larger than I remembered it.
Post office, hair salon, banks, grocery,
restaurants, home office, school,
church, library, trees, trail system,
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TCAP Task Force Meeting #2
Land Use and Design, Historic Resources, Conservation & Sustainability
March 27, 2013
Area is used very little. Creek is in
good shape, but some water looks
museums, several historic buildings.
Count our blessings. Stop trying to
accommodate elite bicycle racers.
Parking for certain retail uses – Village
Pub; Station One – is insufficient.
Parking for certain other uses, e.g.,
Nano Dimensions and its subtenant, is
insufficient. Limited bench seating for
Streetscaping to create inviting feel.
Create meeting and gathering spaces.
Open areas for 2 more rows of cars –
how many spaces are in “Park & Ride”?
Benches! No place to sit.
If possible, given the constraints of
Measure J, add parking spaces to the
open area between Town Hall and the
Woodside Museum. Facilitate the
movement of pedestrians from one
end of Town Center to the other. Add
crosswalks to facilitate walking across
Mountain Home Road to and from
Robert’s Market. Add public seating to
Town Center.
Low number of signs.
No change: enforce as is.
No Town sign.
Keep it rustic.
Mixed bag.
Encourage simplicity.
Black awning / white lettering
No signage on awning.
Signage in various commercial areas
is fairly uniform.
Positive= Pioneer Salon, Robert’s,
Alain Pinel at Holts, Cañada Corners,
Independence Hall, Woodside
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Should not be uniform.
Encourage individuality - no Stepford
Village look.
New Chevron signage, redo Intero
TCAP Task Force Meeting #2
Land Use and Design, Historic Resources, Conservation & Sustainability
March 27, 2013
Mostly consistent at Robert’s and
Cañada Corner, but others are a mix
of styles – ok up to a point. Get rid of
Chevron sign!
Properly scaled.
Almost none.
3036-62 Woodside Road = ok.
2565-89 Woodside Road = ok.
2995 Woodside Road = ok.
Signs are all fine – especially like
Intero awing sign and large Pioneer
signs. Robert’s signs are ok too. No
problem with signs.
Keep individual signs with review for
size and style – no awnings!
Allow more versatility and discretion.
Allow for more creativity. Allow for
possible multiple signs for Town
Center businesses that require
identification at two levels.
Need signs to point to doors and Town
More flexibility in design specifics and
size. Avoid micromanaging business
owners’ decisions. Personal opinions
of committee members are sometimes
unreasonably chilling.
More uniform signage.
Appropriate – Robert’s, Intero &
Pioneer are exceptionally well done.
An important need: add signage clearly
identifying Town Center public parking.
All signage look nice as I drive around An important need: add directional
– Chevron is the most out of place.
signage to Town Center public parking
All others are nice. Intero sign is very (i.e., point the way to Town Center
nicely done.
public parking). Along or adjoin
Woodside Road, Whiskey Hill Road,
Historic resource – Pioneer Hotel
Mountain Home Road, and Cañada
sign is obscured by ugly trees! Other
Road, add Town Center entry
signs boring.
monument signage.
Lacks consistency – doesn’t exude a
Instead of each storefront having
signage – question signage list for
Often businesses are difficult to find. area? Uniformity?/Size and
lettering?/style uniformity?
No unsightly or obtrusive sings (more
after night viewing).
In general, building signs are low-key
and unpretentious. Chevron’s signs
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TCAP Task Force Meeting #2
Land Use and Design, Historic Resources, Conservation & Sustainability
March 27, 2013
are relatively large, plastic and a
sharp contrast to those found
elsewhere. No Town entry signage
identifying public parking. Little or no
directional signage to public parking.
Stylistic signage more obvious – not
appealing as all business/realty.
No sign indicating what Town is upon
Minimal lighting.
Down lighting for residential.
Up lighting at night.
Lights off after business hours.
Don’t want more.
Lighting is pretty good. My husband
and I often walk from our home on
Mountain Home Road to the Village
Pub, the Bakery, etc. at night and
have not had problems.
Christmas lighting could be a little
more elegant.
Ok around building entrances – dark
around parking areas.
Positive = Pioneer Salon.
Not shielded = Gilbert Center, Miller
Design Images, Cañada Cleaners (too
bright), library, Chase.
Lack safe pedestrian lighting;
business signs are dark; outward
facing lighting inappropriate.
Visual great.
3036-62 Woodside Road, 2565-89
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Keep it low key but add more around
walkways and parking for safety.
Shield all light sources – an easy fix.
Remove 50% of bollard lights at library.
Town and owners to provide pathway
lighting. Request business owners to
have signs lit at night. Disallow such
fixtures. Town to fund pathway lighting
on private properties. Allow up lighting
in trees – along Woodside Road.
Can’t see at night! Especially in parking
Motion sensor lights from dusk to
TCAP Task Force Meeting #2
Land Use and Design, Historic Resources, Conservation & Sustainability
March 27, 2013
Woodside Road, and 2995 Woodside
Road = only restaurants are open at
night, and I rarely go except to
No problems.
Dimly lit at night, especially with
uneven pathways. Especially Village
Pub area – sloped steps.
Could be designed to
coordinate/compliment a brand.
To facilitate safety, add low-intensity
ground-level (or near ground-level)
night lighting in portions of the Town
Center parking areas. Encourage
limited-scope, small-scale lighting of
Town Center building address signs.
Need more “twinkle” type lights.
No chance to observe lighting – will
do later today or tomorrow.
In general, lighting is low key.
Land Uses
Mixed use, priority business.
“Weave” in other uses.
Financial / Real Estate “block”.
2nd floor residences?
Cold, reads “keep out”.
Place to sit outside – screen and
I notice much of the commercial
space is leased to reality companies
and venture capital firms.
Too many offices and not enough
retail – Cañada Corners is great but
too many restaurants = too much
parking required.
Commercial, retail, office,
recreational, and parking.
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It would be great to see more space
leased to mom and pop or
alternatively bigger box stores (Peet’s
Coffee, Fraiche, etc). If mom and pop
stores can’t afford the rent.
Encourage more retail and possibly
change zoning to allow only office and
some residential on second story.
Make it safer /nicer to walk from the
TCAP Task Force Meeting #2
Land Use and Design, Historic Resources, Conservation & Sustainability
March 27, 2013
Some very low usages (museum…)
bank to Robert’s.
There is presently too high a
proportion of office uses, especially
on the east end. Office uses do not
generate the pedestrian traffic which
leads to the chance meetings which
make a strong community center.
This is amplified by the lack of welldesigned pedestrian spaces.
Parking structure north of Cañada
Corners, but not in the “seven gables
stop and shop” vernacular.
3036-62 Woodside Road = Better
retain and service representation
than other.
2565-89 Woodside Road = Not much
for pedestrians.
2995 Woodside Road = only Post
Office and mail store retail.
New public areas. Create more public
Need classrooms, community center.
Policies should be put in place to
ensure that retail uses get the best
chance possible to thrive in Town
Center. Residential uses might be a
good addition. Circulation should be
designed to make it attractive to walk
or ride to and within Town Center.
More needed services.
Needs some retail and services.
Some additional walking paths would
be welcome.
Allow taller, solid, fences for privacy,
especially on streets such as Cañada.
Open space (bronze horse sculpture)
People obviously want privacy so let
poorly appreciated / not utilized.
them have it!
Define what space is available for
Fewer non-local (serving) businesses.
Western Hills views have vanished
because of privacy mounds planted
with tall trees – however, privacy
desire is understandable.
No gathering places; no community
spaces, unless in certain
constituency. Few paths and trails.
A mix of open-space, public use,
retail and office.
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Make an integrated parking, retail,
recreational (picnic) plan behind
hardware store.
Require additional parking for
restaurants and brokerage offices;
over many years now, each has been a
source of significant parking problems
(i.e., overflow or spill-over from too
few spaces provided on-site for such
uses). Encourage a reduction in the
TCAP Task Force Meeting #2
Land Use and Design, Historic Resources, Conservation & Sustainability
March 27, 2013
What kind might be agreeable?
width of the Cal-Trans right-of-way.
Where possible, reduce the scope of
paved surfaces, particularly on
Woodside Road. Explore opportunities,
if any, to reduce the scope and scale of
the existing Chevron station.
Cañada / Mountain Home tough with Remove parking at Cañada/Mountain
people backing out.
Home Roads.
Sidewalks very inconsistent.
Bikes everywhere.
Very little foot traffic between
Robert’s and Cañada Road.
No crosswalks for pedestrians
between Robert’s and Post Office
across from Mountain Home Road, a
common “errand” path.
More sidewalks, no steps at Cañada
More bike lanes and markings.
Add a crosswalk.
Trail from Robert’s to Museum? Along
Creek? Share with pedestrians? Access
to Area A?
Stop sign at Whiskey Hill and
Woodside Road. Reroute 84 to
Now mostly car oriented – too much Whiskey Hill and Sand Hill. Make
“sea of parking” – need to slow down Cañada Corners safer for ALL modes of
traffic coming into Town Center from travel by all users.
Highway 280/east.
Improve path, make more visible
Pedestrian poor along Area A south.
How to access “Village Hill”.
Create a reason to go – bench, table.
“Wheels” have trouble.
Unsafe to walk or bike to school. 84
and Mountain Home Road / Cañada
Road a nightmare on summer
weekends – noisy and crowded .
Highway 84 is jammed during drop
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Make it easier /better for “feet”.
Expand walking paths.
Pass a noise ordinance banning loud
motorcycles from passing.
TCAP Task Force Meeting #2
Land Use and Design, Historic Resources, Conservation & Sustainability
March 27, 2013
off and pickup at school.
Traffic moves too quickly through
Town. Properly designate public
parking areas.
Pretty good with Town Center.
3036-62 Woodside Road = short on
2565-89 Woodside Road = Too much
asphalt; awkward relationship to
Woodside Road.
2995 Woodside Road = ok on traffic.
Too many cyclists in Town. It takes
away the quiet, peaceful, rural
feeling. Residents AVOID Town on
weekends – too congested with
outsiders. Horses seem to be a thing
of the past … too bad they were part
of the Town charm.
Woodside Road and Cañada Road is
a dangerous intersection without
bikes. Add the congestion of bikes
and its worse.
Traffic at Town Center is still an
issue. Lots of bikers in Town is
Recruit a member of local Fire or
Police Dept. to direct traffic for ½ hour
2x per day on school days.
Add speed bumps. Install stop sign on
Woodside Road at Whiskey Hill.
Provide signage to direct parking
locations. Modify parking ordinance to
adjust for added bike parking.
Stop sign at Highway 84 and Whiskey
Hill Road.
Need landscape buffer if there is
Parking needs striping.
Ban large volume of cyclists from
Town. Ban bike races thru Town.
Create bike paths for children and
families on bikes, especially for
to/from school. In addition to walking
path, have bike path. Need to
encourage more horses in Town.
Might consider one stoplight.
Implement roundabout?
Create paths and trails between public
locations to encourage pedestrians.
Reduce the speed of traffic along
Woodside Road. At CalTrans expense,
More cyclists, haphazard, no pattern.
add 4-way stop signs at intersection of
No areas conducive to walking,
Woodside Road and Whiskey Hill Road.
parking, load/unloading.
At CalTrans expense, add 4-way stop
signals at intersection of Woodside
Few paths and trails.
Road, Cañada Road, and Mountain
Served by Woodside, Whiskey Hill,
Home Road. At CalTrans expense,
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TCAP Task Force Meeting #2
Land Use and Design, Historic Resources, Conservation & Sustainability
March 27, 2013
Cañada, and Mountain Home Roads.
In Town Center near the Town Hall,
Town Center is served by several
through-property roads.
resurface Woodside Road between
Whiskey Hill Road and Mountain Home
Road with smoother asphalt with
smaller average aggregate size to
reduce vehicle-created travel noise.
Traffic: How much Woodside Road
Along Woodside Road between
traffic is local, straight through?
Whiskey Hill Road and Mountain Home
Stop, no stop to/from Skyline and
Road, ‘pinch’ the right-of-way to
Redwood City, Menlo Park, Palo Alto.
reduce traffic speeds. Reduce the
speed of traffic on public and private
properties behind Village Pub. Add
more speed humps to Town Center
public and private parking areas to
slow traffic speeds and facilitate
greater pedestrian safety. Install speed
humps on Town Center public and
private parking areas to reduce speed
of ‘cut-through’ traffic (i.e., vehicles
which speed through the rear of the
Town Center properties to avoid
lengthy backup on Woodside Road).
Is space available between buildings
and Woodside Road, could there be
parking and turning space?
Public Art
In keeping with Town character.
Keep as is…be very careful “if” any new
art to be added.
No more! While Woody (wood fish
sculpture) works where he is, it really Restore Village Hill to its natural
is more appropriate for coastal
environment. No bronzes and no
fishing community; however he may daffodils!
have just jumped out of the creek!
Keep as is – be very careful “if” any
In keeping with Town character.
new art to be added.
Create a way to appropriate view up
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TCAP Task Force Meeting #2
Land Use and Design, Historic Resources, Conservation & Sustainability
March 27, 2013
Spring and Sprite very formal.
close- bench, tables, walkway.
“Don’t touch” hard to see.
“Woody” is the model.
“Woody” = iconic, friendly – people
interact with it.
“Found” materials, low key, sense of
Spring & Sprite sculptures are nice. I
don’t know of any other public art.
Bronze horse sculpture.
Other than the horse?
Woody the fish is ok – horses are
not. Let natural landscape be the
Bronze horses; Woody.
Clear some of greenery around
sculptures so they are more visible.
Occasional and temporary art
installation ok, i.e., May Day,
Christmas, and Day of the Horse.
Allow other public art; set aside Town
funds for public art and lighting.
Don’t need more, natural beauty is our
public art.
Horses are great.
What art?
Fish is fun (Woody).
Love the horse sculpture. However it
is too hidden from view. Fish is a
landmark and FUN.
Love the fish at Buck’s, and the horse
Buck’s fish is a fun piece.
Reflect character of Woodside. The
art to accentuate areas. Why is fish
near Buck’s? Entry to parking area
I think the natural landscape should be
the art. We should resist pretty
sculptures except temporary
Place art in the triangle or center of
Scale of beautiful horse sculpture too
small for the hill to stand alone, so add
benches to observe the sculpture –
create a serenity garden around the
Needs to reflect a variety of styles with
synergy for different residents.
Scale of beautiful horse sculpture too Add with care – should meet general
small for the hill to stand alone.
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TCAP Task Force Meeting #2
Land Use and Design, Historic Resources, Conservation & Sustainability
March 27, 2013
None other than 2 horses.
No more please.
Horse sculptures are wonderful.
Ditto: Woody the fish!
Add public art – particularly stone or
metal sculpture to Town Center.
Support and encourage private equinefocused art displayed within Town
Center, in particular at entry gateways.
Perhaps examine a public art fee for
future significant building renovation
Not a fan of Spring and Sprite. The
land is the art!
Spring & Sprite on Village Hill.
None from any side.
Evaluate where / if appropriate.
The place itself – Town of Woodside,
population, elevation.
None. It’s enough to come over the
hill. No “Climate best by Government
Test”, or fancy.
Spring and Sprite – out of sync,
“memorial” to park?
Horse sculpture.
Cañada Corners, difficult to see signs. Better signage which is more visible at
Cañada Corners.
Highway 280 exist needs a little care,
some natives, but gateway into Town Leave all roads into Town as rural and
is fine. Cañada gateway at Oaks
as unmarked as possible.
“Close down” scale of Woodside Road
None now.
from Highway 280/east side to slow
down traffic.
Welcome to Woodside Town Center
Really tired down by Highway 280.
sign at Whiskey Hill Road. Welcome to
Pioneer is a welcoming gateway into Woodside Town Center at Little Store.
None, annoying. Define where Town
Center starts/ stops. Very linear
entry/exit. Library entrance very
removed from center area.
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Many other things need to be
addressed first. But Cañada corner
facelift added lots of visual charm.
Road/cars in walkway. Bikes in
TCAP Task Force Meeting #2
Land Use and Design, Historic Resources, Conservation & Sustainability
March 27, 2013
Free the Pioneer Hotel and gateway
between public space buildings?
Coming from Highway 280 needs
Back end (north) of Cañada Road is dull
and ugly. Plant trees along the
roadside (plum colored trees).
Refine corner of Highway 84 and
Whiskey Hill – native landscaping.
Variegated and low maintenance
Entry into Town – difficult – Highway “Downtown Woodside” “Please reduce
280 cuts Town entry, Woodside Road your speed and enjoy our Town”.
is a State highway.
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