Searching for Jobs Online

Job-Hunting in Ireland
Think About
The locations you are willing to
The sector (s) that interest you
The companies that operate in those
The roles (occupations) you are
experienced enough to take on
The current state of the labour
Work to become, not to acquire.
(Elbert Hubbard)
*Check out ‘Vacancies’ on DCU Careers website
Printed Newspapers: (also have job-hunting pages on their websites)
Irish Times – Friday
Irish Independent – Thursday
Evening Herald - Every evening
All Sunday Papers
Financial Times
Some newspapers have internet sites on which they advertise available positions, as this form of advertising has
become a more popular format in recent years.
Also watch out for other newspaper and magazine sources such as:
 Local Press and recruitment magazines
 Professional Press Specialist/Trade Magazines, e.g. “Irish Marketing Journal”
Salary Guides:
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