Ch 32 MCAS questions Burgess 1 In which of the following ways

Ch 32 MCAS questions
In which of the following ways does perspiring help the body to maintain homeostasis?
A. by decreasing body temperature
B. by increasing blood sugar levels
C. by increasing the amount of fluid in the body
D. by reducing the amount of carbon dioxide in cells
What is the name of the connective tissue that joins skeletal muscle to bones?
A. cartilage
B. ligaments
C. neurons
D. tendons
An equation for a biochemical reaction is shown below.
Which of the following happens during this reaction?
A. Energy from ATP is used to make glucose.
B. ADP adds a high-energy bond to its structure.
C. ADP is metabolized to provide oxygen to a cell.
D. Energy is stored in the molecule ATP for future use.
A person who is cold shivers to generate body heat. Which of the following lists the primary body systems
that interact to maintain homeostasis in this situation?
A. nervous, excretory, and respiratory
B. excretory, digestive, and respiratory
C. digestive, muscular, and circulatory
D. muscular, circulatory, and nervous
In a bone marrow transplant, bone marrow from a healthy individual is transplanted into an individual with
a blood disorder.
1. Explain why a successful bone marrow transplant could treat sickle cell anemia in an individual.
2. Suppose individual Z were treated for sickle cell anemia by receiving a bone marrow transplant. Could any
children that individual Z has after the transplant inherit the gene for the sickle cell trait? Explain your
3. Which of the following is a body system response that adjusts body temperature when it is higher than
A. Breathing rate begins to decrease.
B. Blood vessels near the skin constrict.
C. Sweat glands produce and secrete sweat.
D. Hormones increase the metabolic rate of the liver.