Spanish 2--Topics for Final Exam Grammar topics Present tense

Spanish 2--Topics for Final Exam
Grammar topics
 Present tense -Chapter 1 page 12-14
 Commands (tú): affirmative, negative and irregulars Chapters 1 & 2 page 26
 Commands (Ud.): Affirmative and negative Chapter 3
 Direct objects –Chapter 1 page 24
 Introductions page 48 and Indirect object pronouns page 50- Chapter 2
 saber vs. conocer (and their usage) Chapter 2
 Impersonal/passive se—Chapter 3 page 90
 Preterite tense and its irregulars, know spelling changes-Chapters 2-3 see notes! page 66 & 92-94
have specific information. Be able to answer questions like those on page 89, Exprésate section at
top of page.
 Imperfect tense and its 3 irregulars Chapter 6 and notes
 Using the preterite vs. imperfect—see your notes and Chapter 8, p. 290-291 has some good info.
 Personal "a" used when the direct object is a person or pet. I took Mary to the mall. Yo llevé a Mary
al centro comercial. I knew Jon as a child. Conocía a Jon de niño.
 Present progressive tense and uses
 Future tense and uses.
 Impersonal se- Se sirve cerveza en un bar. Se habla español en clase. Se hace el vino con uvas.
Vocabulary topics
 Describing family and friends –Chapter 1, page 37 Vocab 1 also on pages 6-7
 Plans and activities-Chapter 1 page 20
 prepositions (in notes) we covered the usage on page 60 with house floor plan.
 Professions and their duties-Chapter 2 page 46-47, this is also on page 77
 Nationalities page 54…basic understanding that they are adjectives and must agree with the person/s
in gender and number. Do not memorize these, just be able to recognize that argentino is a person
from Argentina.
 Parts of your city vocabulary –Chapter 3 page 86, also see page 117
 Describing what you did and were like as a child—Chapter 6, page 237
 foods
 clothing
 travel
 See powerpoints on website
Culture topics: Christmas in Latin Countries, Bullfighting. See our notes on these two topics
Extended response writing topics:
1. What were you like as a child? (De niño/a = as a child)
Tell what you used to be like as a child. Give at least 3 physical or personality traits and mention
activities you did to prove the 3 personality traits. Tell where you used to live. Tell who your friends
were, and what you used to do together your friends.
2. What was your last vacation like? (Ir de vacaciones = to go on vacation)
Tell me about the last vacation you took. Where did you go? When did you go? Tell who you went
with and what you all did-- Name at least 3 different activities. Tell whether you liked it or not.