Op-Ed Argument Response Assignment

AP Language Real-World Purpose: Using an Opinion or Editorial Piece to form an Argument Response
DIRECTIONS: We have spent time looking out how to use the Toulmin model to break down arguments so that then you can decide what questions you have
and whether or not you believe the argument provides enough backing. This is a skill that you need in times that are especially emotional and when people are
extremely divided. Taking time to analyze, reflect, research and then respond (balancing ethos, logos and pathos) is a skill that will serve you well in life and that
is ultimately the goal of this course.
Choose an opinion-editorial article to read and rhetorically analyze. This must be an opinion piece and NOT front page news. Print it and read and
mark it with meaningful marginal notes.
Complete the template below (You may need to make this larger than the one sheet, but this is to give you an idea of what you need).
Identify the central claim.
Identify the backing and evidence given by the writer as support for their argument.
Use the Toulmin Method to measure whether or not the writer’s warrant/assumption has enough backing to be meaningful and convincing.
Use the G & B templates to help you write out where you stand in relation to the argument presented in the piece.
Think about questions you have and what more you need to know about in order to agree or disagree or qualify the pieces central claim.
Do some research- there is so much information out there. Use credible and varied sources to help you think more about your response.
Then agree, disagree or qualify the author’s central claim in a thoughtful response where you show how and why the author is right, wrong, or partially
o Begin with an introduction that includes your understanding of the argument presented in the article (SOAPS), as well as your view in relation to
o You need a thesis that speaks directly to the author’s claim
o Present your argument in relation to the article and include both evidence from the original article and evidence from your research
o Bring it to a conclusion in a way that makes your stance clear.
o Include a works cited and in-text citations for the original article and evidence that you provide. Use a minimum of 3 outside sources in addition
to the original article for a minimum total of four sources.
What you will hand it:
o The marked article
o The template like the one given
o A 3-5 page response
o A works cited.
Grading: You will be graded on the 9-point rubric. As always, remember that style is as important as content. They way in which you argue is as
important as the evidence you provide!
Article Title:
Date of Publication:
Central Claim:
Supporting Points:
Toulmin- choose a few quotes- copy them here
Identify the Data, Claim, Warrant
Try some G & B Templates with
your own thoughts for each of
these arguments
What questions do you have that this article
has made you ask? OR what information do you
need to either validate or counter what the
writer is saying?
Find that information
Note the source