Vocab 15 clues
Amenity: that which is pleasant or agreeable (think
Aperture: opening, gap, hole, orifice (like a camera’s
aperture, think Gap-erture)
Dissidence: difference of opinion; discontent (someone
disses you for dissidence)
Epicurean: devoted to the pursuit of pleasure; fond of
good food, comfort, and ease; with discriminating
tastes; a person with discriminating tastes (epic food
and comfort—like the Ritz Carlton)
Improvident: not thrifty; failing to plan ahead (improv)
Iniquity: wickedness, sin (you need to quit)
Inviolable: sacred (shouldn’t be violated)
Mutable: open to or capable of change (mutate)
Nascent: just beginning to exist or develop (new scent)
Obeisance: a deep bow or other body movement
indicating respect or submission (obey, obese people
can’t bow—from Sable)
Panegyric: formal or elaborate praise; a tribute (tributes
from Panem in The Hunger Games)
Pillory: a device for publicly punishing offenders (you
would feel ill if you had to go in one)
Pittance: a woefully meager allowance, wage, or
portion (pity)
Presage: to foreshadow or point to a future event or
predict (pre-sage)
Progeny: descendants, offspring, children (generation)
Promulgate: to proclaim or issue officially (prom)
Rectitude: correctness (correctitude)
Restive: restless
Seraphic: angelic (seraphim)
Subsist: have existence