Application form

Application form
Subject specialist network fund 2012/13 – application form
Please complete all boxes. Use the provided text and word limits, where included,
as prompts for your answers
Name of project
Subject specialist
Which network are you applying on behalf of?
Mission or purpose
This can be taken from your business plan, for
Contact details
Contact details for project lead if different from above
Number of members in
your network
This enables us to consider the reach of the project.
Project proposal
What is your intended activity – focused upon the
sharing of knowledge and expertise relevant to your
subject specialism?
300 words
Achieving great art for
everyone/ Culture,
knowledge and
Which of Arts Council’s five goals will this project help
your organisation to meet? See the preceding
guidance for a list of the five goals. You must respond
to at least one goal and preferably two.
300 words
Key activities and outputs Please list specific objectives and tangible outputs
which will occur during the project.
200 words
Project outcomes
Please list short-term and long-term outcomes which
are not covered under ‘project proposal’. You should
consider how successful delivery of the project will
improve the network beyond the life of the project. If
relevant, please also consider public benefit in this
200 words
When will your project start and finish?
Support in kind
If you will be receiving any support in kind from
member organisations or others, please provide details
Risk analysis
Please outline any risks and your mitigation strategy.
200 words
Project management
Briefly describe how the project will be managed.
200 words
How will you evaluate the quality of the project outputs
and the success of the project, taking into the account
the Arts Council plans to collectively evaluate funded
Subject specialist networks’ activities in 12/13?
200 words
Overall project costs and
amount requested
You may apply for any amount between £1,000 and
Supporting Documents
If you are applying on behalf of a network not listed in Appendix A of the guidance
document please include:
evidence that the network is themed around tangible collections
evidence of the need for the network
evidence of support from members and their host institutions
an outline programme of activity for the year 2012/13, with evidence of ability
to sustain the network beyond this funding year has been provide
Submit your completed form to:
We would prefer electronic applications, however should you wish to apply by post
please send your completed form to:
Subject specialist network grants programme
Arts Council England
Level 3, 14 Great Peter Street
London SW1P 3NQ