Obj par eval analysis HON

Name: _______________________________ Mods: ___________ Date: __________
Honors English I
Object Paragraph Evaluation
What did I do well?
_____ Topic sentence
_____ No spelling or punctuation errors
_____ No fragments or run-ons
_____ Good topic
_____ Good points of comparison
_____ Good description of object
_____ Appropriate length (7-10 sentences)
_____ Completed rough draft on time
_____ Completed and submitted revision on time
Other: ______________________________________________________________________
Where should I improve next time?
_____ Format: heading
_____ Format: did not use Times New Roman font
_____ Format: did not double space
_____ Lateness
_____ Topic sentence not clear
_____ Did not use advice from Google Classroom topic sentence submission
_____ Did not use the topic sentence which had been approved on Google Classroom
_____ Used a hook instead of a topic sentence
_____ Spelling or punctuation or grammar errors
_____ fragments
_____ run-ons
_____ Needed more description
_____ Repetition
If so, what word or phrase was repeated? _____________________________________
Or was it an idea that was repeated? If so, explain here: __________________________
_____ Redundancy
What was redundant? ______________________________________________________
_____ Word choice error
What is an alternate word that you could use? __________________________________
_____ Awkward wording or wordiness
_____ Needed more descriptive details
_____ Did not choose one specific object
_____ Used informal words/expressions
Give examples: __________________________________________________________
_____ Did not provide examples for statements in the paragraph
Other: Explain: __________________________________________________________________
Any other reflection on your paragraph? (This is an opportunity to reflect on your effort and achievement, not
to complain about your grade. Your grade is fair.)