Chapter 8-Character Analysis Assignment

ELA 10 – American Born Chinese
Character Analysis Writing Assignment:
1. Pick a main character from American Born Chinese (Jin, Wei Chen, the
Monkey King, or Danny).
2. Complete the graphic organizer on your character. Each column down is a
paragraph. Use the BEST examples to analyze your character. Find TWO
examples for each trait.
3. Write three paragraphs, one for each trait. Remember the components of
a paragraph:
Topic Sentence, Quotes, Supporting Details, Concluding Sentence
TWO quotes (examples) per paragraph
5 – 8 Sentences per paragraph
Correct sentence structure, spelling, word choice, punctuation,
capitalization, etc.
4. Type a final copy and hand this handout/ instruction sheet and your
writing into the basket.
Content (3 paragraphs complete, traits are explained)
Quotes (strongest examples from the text, integrated properly
into paragraph)
Mechanics (sentence structure, spelling, word choice,
punctuation, capitalization)
Ms. MacDonald
Updated October 2013