Her story in her words is worth a read

Here is my story.
I am writing this the best i can for being in the hospital on heavy meds.. It's just so
important to me to get it out there now. I am the lady that Sue speaks of. The crazy
thing is that I thought this specific injury would never happen to me even though I have
seen it (because I started being safe just a few months ago) . I had actually just written
in this post and literally happened same day!! So weird.
Anyways, I have used oils for years the WRONG way due to bad rep advice from the
main MLMs. I have a collection of almost 200 oils from these companies. It was only
after witnessing a few injuries around me that I realized that these wonderful oils can
also be dangerous, just like drugs. You have to respect the oils and respect yourself by
using them correctly. Thanks to reading Robert Tisserand's book, my new friend Sue,
and the safety pages, I turned around my oil ways and started educating myself and
others. Unfortunately for years, I have used oils internally and non-diluted on skin and
I'm guessing I am suffering the consequences now. The reps seem to be brainwashed
from thinking their oils are the best and this couldn't possible happen.
Well, guess what? It did! I don't know if this is classic sensitization or a bad batch? All I
know is that right after I put a KIDS pre blended oil for KIDS on my belly for a tummy
ache (one drop containing a menthol, peppermint, ginger and a few other ingredients), I
broke into terrible rash within minutes. My case was so bad that when I got to the
hospital early this morning, they saw my throat and tongue and grabbed a stretcher
(skipped check in part) and immediately gave me an Epi shot and IV full of meds.
Then it got even worse(went into shock) and they had to give me another emergency
adrenaline shot and more meds. They refuse to let me leave and have admitted me for
2 days or when I get better. They said I could have died if I didn't come in. The Dr took
record of the bottle of oil and ingredients (that I had to look up ONLINE myself cause
they didn't include it) and Doctor was shocked when he saw this was a kid blend with
the ingredients in it. He was shocked they said to put directly on stomach and said,
"These companies should be ashamed of themselves." He also asked questions about
what country this oil was made in and wondered if it could have been a plant growing
nearby that wasn't mentioned too?-Like Sue said!
I gave him the sheet about sensitization and he thought it made sense. Dr's don't know
a lot about oils so thanks to Sue for the info I printed for him. I still don't know if it is a
batch or sensitization but would love to know. All I know is that it happened right after oil
and Dr confirmed it was oil. He said this was a very bad case. He is keeping list of
ingredients and name of oil for records for me.
I am alone in the hospital while my husband watches our 3 children. I am not allowed to
be released because the rash comes back after steroids and shots wear down. It is
scary and painful but I hope I can use my incident to spread awareness and help others.
The importance of using oils properly from the very beginning is demonstrated by me. I
did not.
I would like to share pictures of what I look like in the hospital. I am in bad shape and
they will not allow me to leave. You better believe I will be filing reports and doing
something. I will not stand back and watch people blow this off like they are doing. It
could have been one of my three children that used this so-called pre-diluted oil and
had this reaction... thankful it was me instead. I even used oils the wrong way on the
older girls for years and so mad at myself for not researching and educating before now.
I am proof.
I want to share pictures of what I look like in the hospital right now. I am scared, in pain
and angry at the same time because people who dismiss incidents like me and reps
who don't want to believe their #1 oil could do this!!! And thankful for the incident reports
so we CAN make a difference after time. It is NOT a waste of time line was mentioned
in this thread! I am upset and take that personal. Here are photos. I am not well. And to
think this was supposed to be a pre-diluted oil for young kids! All it took was one drop
on the belly!
Some pics are graphic and in places I can't show here but these are some pics . There
are worse spots on my naked body but am not going to post here. Please feel free to
share my story though. I want to help others. If even one REP changes and stops this
then it will be worth it to me!
By the way, this reaction happened immediately after the stomach application. It started
on stomach and spread over the 24 hours after...