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Job Title:
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Supervisor Title:
International Enrolment Advisor
Trent International Program
Manager, International Admissions & Recruitment
Manager, Recruitment
Last Reviewed:
May 29, 2012
Job Purpose
Reporting to the Manager, International Admissions and Recruitment and the Manager,
Recruitment, the responsibilities of the International Enrolment Management Assistant will
include (but are not limited to):
Key Activities
1. In consultation with the Manager, International Admissions and Recruitment and Manager,
Recruitment, developing and implementing a systematic process for managing international
undergraduate admissions applications.
2. Evaluation and assessment of all international applications for admissibility to Trent
3. Maintaining a system to ensure the accuracy and authenticity of all international documents
4. Co-ordinating with Trent International Program and Office of the Registrar, Admissions to
ensure that the goals and objectives of Trent’s international recruitment initiatives are met,
especially targets for the recruitment of full fee-paying international students, in accordance
with international admissions policies.
5. Working with Manager, Trent-ESL and Manager, International Admissions and Recruitment
to implement international admissions policies with respect to Trent-ESL. This includes
processing Trent-ESL admissions applications.
6. Establishing and implementing articulation standards for transfer credit evaluation from
foreign institutions. Liaising regularly with TIP and Trent-ESL on issues of enrolment targets
and student diversity.
7. Co-ordinating with Deans and Department Chairs to ensure a systematic, rigorous and
ethical process for determining transfer of credit from foreign institutions; ensuring coordinated communications and establishment of articulation standards for international
transfer credit to be published in Trent’s worldwide recruiting materials.
Job Number: A-199
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Last updated: June 25, 2015
8. Co-ordinating with TIP staff to ensure prompt and accurate responses to admissions
9. Providing resources and liaising with Trent faculty, staff, alumni and students who are
involved in international recruiting.
10. Liaising with Trent domestic admissions and recruitment teams and Ontario and Canadawide agencies (OUAC) to ensure competitive and integrated recruiting and admissions
practices and publications.
11. Working with Manager, Recruitment and TIP to prepare reports on international student
recruitment activities and achievements.
12. Assessing international applications for eligibility for entrance scholarships.
13. Participating in recruitment, conversion and transition activities, including TIP Camp, New
Student Orientation, and Open House activities as needed.
14. Provide support in assessing international qualifications of applicants to Bachelor of
Education and Graduate Studies programs.
15. Other recruitment and retention initiatives at the direction of TIP Director or Manager
International Recruitment and Admissions.
Analytical Reasoning
Indicate degree of complexity or difficulty of thinking and reasoning required by the job. Provide a
relevant work example that is typical of roles and responsibilities of the job (i.e. not an occasional duty).
Decision Making
Indicate the degree of freedom to exercise initiative or act independently in making day- to-day decisions.
Provide a relevant work example that is typical of roles and responsibilities of the job (i.e. not an
occasional duty).
Indicate the impact or consequence to the department or University of typical actions or decisions taken by
the job incumbent. Provide a relevant work example that is typical of roles and responsibilities of the job
(i.e. not an occasional duty).
Honours University Degree (4 year) required.
Experience Required
Three years of direct experience with and professional training in the evaluation of
foreign educational materials in a post-secondary setting required.
Significant knowledge of the broad range and complexity of international and domestic
secondary and post-secondary education systems is required, including knowledge of
academic offerings, differential structures of undergraduate and graduate education.
Extensive knowledge and proficiency with Microsoft Office required including MS Word,
Access and Excel, ability to construct and maintain databases, construct reports and
complete mail merges of data.
Job Number: A-199
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Last updated: June 25, 2015
Experience with a Student Information System (Datatel/Colleague preferred) in
referencing and updating applicant information.
Comfort communicating with a broad range of international people from many different
cultural backgrounds. Second language other than French preferred.
Knowledge of the broad offerings of the Trent curriculum.
Demonstrated excellent organizational skills.
Superior skills in the provision of excellent customer and/or student services required.
Excellent verbal and written communication skills required, including experience
speaking to small and large groups, demonstrated knowledge of academic protocols,
and experience communicating with people at all levels of the university.
Ability to work co-operatively in a variety of settings, exercising tact, diplomacy and
patience, often in stressful situations.
Commitment to professional development and training through NAFSA: Association of
International Educators; IETP workshops and conferences among others.
Must be available to work some evenings and weekends as required.
Must be willing to travel on university business, both within Ontario and internationally.
Responsibility for the Work of Others
Direct Responsibility
Indirect Responsibility
Indicate the title(s) of individuals internal and external to the University that the incumbent communicates
with on a regular basis. Provide a brief description of the purpose for communicating with these
Motor/ Sensory Skills
Indicate the level of proficiency or precision in motor or sensory skills required by the job. Examples
include but are not limited to: small/large movement to operate machinery; coordinated movement;
equilibrium to maintain balance; dexterity to grasp, move, assemble objects or operate equipment;
hearing, sight, touch, smell, taste. Provide a brief description of tasks performed that require
motor/sensory skills.
Job Number: A-199
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Last updated: June 25, 2015
Indicate the physical and/or mental demands of the position in the ordinary course of performing the role.
Examples include but are not limited to: lifting, moving, carrying, pushing/pulling, reaching, kneeling,
remaining motionless, sustained concentration or focus. Provide a brief description of the tasks
performed that are physically and/or mentally demanding.
Working Conditions
Indicate any physical and psychological conditions of the position that make the job unpleasant,
disagreeable and/or hazardous to health and well-being. Describe the nature, frequency and duration of
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Job Number: A-199
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