Title: Artificial Neural Network : a Statistical Approach for Prediction.
Mr. Rupeshkumar B. Deshmukh (Presenting Author), Research Scholar, School of
Mathematical Sciences, Swami Ramanand Teerth Marathwada University, Nanded. Nanded431606 (M.S.). Email:[email protected]
Dr. R. K. Dase, Associate professor in Biostatistics, Department of Community Medicine,
Mahatma Gandhi Missions Medical College, Aurangabad (M.S.). Email:[email protected]
Dr. D. D. Pawar, Professor & Head, Department of Statistics, N.E.S.Science College,
Nanded (M.S.). Email:[email protected]
---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------Abstract: Now a day there has been much publicity about the ability of artificial neural
networks to learn and generalize. Neural Networks are being used in the areas of prediction,
classification, recognitions, regression models and other traditionally used related statistical
techniques. Statistical indicator translated in Neural Networks and shows the relationships
between Neural Networks and statistical models such as Regression models, Perceptrons,
Error Function etc. In this article we focus on statistical approach towards Artificial Neural
Networks for successfully applied to prediction & estimation. Neural Network has been
useful in Stock market prediction, Disease Diagnosis, Weather forecasting, Business Analysis
Keywords: Neural Network, Statistical Data Analysis, Estimation etc.
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