Session 3 Sheet - Saint Mary Catholic School

Life Science Session 3 Sheet
Record all vocabulary and essential questions within your science journal.
cell, organism, homeostasis, characteristic, classification, genus,
species, invertebrate, vertebrate, offspring,
Essential Questions:
Characteristics of Living Things:
• What do all living things have in common?
• Why haven't scientists catalogued all living things?
Levels of Classification:
• What types of organisms can be classified?
• How are organisms classified?
• How is a dichotomous key used to classify an organism?
• What is a definition of the term species?
• How are organisms grouped into species?
Videos Notes:
Please watch the following videos on and take a total of 6
different fact notes for each video. Most videos will be found under ENGAGE.
Characteristics of Living Things:
The Golden Frog and the Manless Lion
Levels of Classification:
The Giant River Tortoise
Unusual Plant Species and Human Diversity
Please also read the reading passage labeled: Common Ancestor Debate
Kingdom, Phylum, Class, Order, Family, Genus, Species (taxonomy order)