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Private Sector
goup_organizationName : EcoLoo Africa
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solutionTitle : Sustainable Toilet Technology
streetAddress : Kileleshwa, Kangundo Road-Plot No.11
city : Nairobi
state_province_region : Nairobi County
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postalCode : P.O Box 7661-00100 NBO
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mobileTelephoneNumber : 254726227737
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email : [email protected]
initiativeDescription : EcoLoo Africa is a GREEN Innovation company. We develop, build and
market unique sanitation and environmental solutions.
Our patent-pending toilet solution is affordable, sustainable, odor-free, maintenance-free,
consumes neither energy nor water, and the end product is organic fertilizer.
Provide Innovative and Sustainable Sanitation Solution for Africa.
EcoLoo does this by use of sustainable toilet technology leading to increased user dignity and a
healthier community.
mainPartners : EcoLoo Africa which is led by Abdifatah Mohamed as the President has
partnered with EcoLoo AB( Our parent company) from Sweden founded by Imad Agi who have
spent many years in understanding and applying research into sanitation service provision,
especially for the base of the Pyramid markets.
Imad and the team in Sweden specializes in the initial design and development of the various
toilet solutions. Abdifatah and the team in Africa concentrate on the implementation and the
refining of the various solutions to suite the African market.
Our core values are driven by a desire to improve life, achieve green innovation excellence,
operate with the highest standards of integrity, expand access to our products and employ a
diverse workforce that values collaboration.
achievementsAndImpact : Ecoloo Africa's goal is not only to establish a profitable business, but
an effective, long-term and sustainable one based on an Inclusive Business Model and
Sustainagility in order to create jobs and business opportunities locally starting at production,
distribution, installation & support to the collection and reuse/sales of the fertilizer generated in
the system.
Ecoloo prides itself in thinking creatively and combining this with strategic discussions with their
The scale of the sanitation problem, particularly in developing nations is pitiful. The economic
and social ramifications of poor or zero sanitation is devastating families, communities,
countries and continents.
By addressing the basic human right of sanitation resultant health, poverty, education, and
environmental issues will also be addressed. The positive socio-economic benefits that can be
realised if sanitation is addressed will radically transform the communities, countries and
continents that are currently being devastated.
sustainability :
At EcoLoo we have developed an enclosed composting sanitation solution
that is relevant for urban and rural communities, for developed and developing countries. Water
is a precious resource getting scarcer every day.
Infrastructure for waste disposal is not always present in many remote but inhabited locations.
And the economic standing of many individuals, communities and institutions cannot support
excessive ongoing maintenance costs.
At EcoLoo they understand and have addressed all these factors that inhibit the installation of
safe, sustainable sanitation and have developed a toilet technology that overcomes these
hurdles. An enclosed compost sanitation system that uses a specially formulated bacteria that is
odorless,affordable, sustainable, has longer life expectancy and is more cost effective over its
lifetime compared to other systems - this is EcoLoo.
innovation : EcoLoo is a Sustainable Toilet Technology: Enclosed Long Term Composting
system applied with an innovative specially formulated and patented bacterium that completely
breaks down the solid and liquid waste into organic fertilizer.
1. Isolates the solid and liquid waste inside the two chambers with its pathogens (and its
medical residues) for more than 30 years, thus never entering the environment hence
preventing pollution.
2. Yields the brunt of the plant nutrients in our excrement as a clean, safe-to-use fertilizer for
agriculture while cutting 90% of the cost of waste handling: TRANSPORTATION.
3. Energy (and CO2) saving through reduction of water use and reduction of further production
of chemical fertilizer, thereby reducing the greenhouse effect.
4. Saves the more than 8 liters of water used for every flushing with traditional toilets.
4. It’s Odour and Bacteria free.
replicabilityAndScalingUp :
The sanitation solution that EcoLoo Africa offers has a huge
potential, and will have a domino positive impact on Environment, poverty, health, water,
energy, women, organic agriculture, food security & quality society well being & stability in
many ways; especially if they engage CSR companies, NGOs, NPOs, help organizations, UN,
development programs and banks in the scaling up process.
areasOfContribution : EcoLoo Africa has a solution to a global problem. Governments, agencies,
institutions, and businesses that like them, value and respect life and want, and have the will, to
ensure the universal human right of access to water and sanitation becomes a reality sooner
rather than later, need to be acting now. It is a matter of life or death.
At EcoLoo we are committed to bringing forward the day that every person has access to
sustainable sanitation facilities.
EcoLoo Toilet Applications:
1. In Rural or Urban Areas to service the sanitation needs at the Base of the Pyramid(BoP)
2. At Environmentally Sensitive and Vulnerable Areas e.g. breeding sites.
3. Where there is lack of water or no possibility for sewer plants.
4. Areas with disease problems.
5. In refugee camps and after natural disasters e.g. Floods, Tsunami, Earthquake.. etc.
6. Areas with high groundwater level.
7. During Large Events (Religious festivals and more).
8. Non-pollution requirement, such as natural reserve areas.
9. At Sports arenas, public and private recreational areas.
10. Onsite beside roads and walking paths, on beaches, lakes and rivers, golf links, camping
sites. etc.
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Posted Tuesday, August 20 2013 at 20:03
In Summary
EcoLoo AB’s products reduce mass of the waste by converting it into liquid fertilizer.
Toilet that makes manure from human waste unveiled
Wednesday, August 21, 2013 - 00:00 -- BY HENRY KIBIRA - See more at:
otherInformation : EcoLoo Africa has a technology that can be transferred among developing
countries and thus enhance capacity building in environmentally sound use of technologies and
sustainable management of natural resources.
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