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Project Yew
Project Yew Minutes – Advisor Meeting with Dr. Albright
February 22, 2010, 8:30am - 9:00am
In the Senior Design Lab:
We are not getting a good signal from power sensing circuit
o Albright: Try adding a filtering capacitor to smooth out the signal
 Did not smooth the signal  Try a larger capacitor
 Still did not work
o Albright: You might have a “grounding issue”
 To elaborate: The ground of the Oscilloscope that we are using
to measure the voltage has a reference to ground that is
different from our circuit since we are measuring the voltage
across AC Live and Neutral.
 Re-wire circuit, switch measurement around to get a
different reference, see if this solves problem
o Measuring voltage between AC Live and Ground
fixed the problem
Wave Rectifier Circuit
o We built a rectifier and ran an AC wave through it from our power
sensing circuitry. We got an expected output, and were able to send
the rectified wave into the PIC and do an Analog-to-Digital conversion
University of Portland
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Contact: Zubin Bagai