An Encounter That Change My Life

An Encounter That Change My Life
When I was a junior high student, I met different kinds of classmates. Most of
them had strange personalities and someone was the bad student in our teacher’s mind.
All these three years, a lot of things happened, so we had lots of problems to solve. We
had to learn not only the school’s subjects but also learn how to fix the problems on
peace. For me, I learned to find out the fake side of a person and distinguish things that
I can or cannot tell of this kind of people. Before I met all these friends or enemies, I
said what I just thought about it no matter it might hurt somebody else or me. When I
grew up, it did affect me when facing different people. I speak more carefully and
always think before speaking. Every time, I keep trouble away from me or just face it in
a peaceful way. I think the junior high school life is the most important experience to
me. This experience does help me a lot.