STA Alumni Association Meeting Thursday, October 29, 2009 8:15

STA Alumni Association Meeting
Thursday, October 29, 2009 8:15 AM – 10 AM
Large Conference Room, STA
In Attendance: Father Sullivan, Marcy Callahan, Sharon Sullivan, Becky Irwin, John Ray, Tracy Dunn, Brad Ashlin, Mary
Harrison, Dave Revezzo
Meeting called to order at 8:15 AM
1. Review and adoption of Association guidelines:
Motion to approve guidelines as circulated via e-mail with the following typographical corrections:
Article II.3. Insert “To” at beginning of sentence.
Article II.4. Insert “To” at beginning of sentence.
Article IV “General Trustees shall serve for a three two (2) year term.”
Article IV “No director may serve more than six four (4) consecutive years in a voting capacity”
Motion passed. Will be submitted to Father Kelly for final approval.
Sharon introduced Dave Revezzo, STA Alum c/o ’00, STA history teacher.
2. Confirmation of Board of Directors: Approved
Kim Zaffere; President; John Wright, Vice President; John Ray, Treasurer; Becky Irwin, Secretary
3. STA Annual Fund – Alumni Involvement (Sharon Sullivan)
Development office is combining campaigns to alumni and to STA student families to increase dollars and
participation. Participation rates currently: Alumni – 8%, student families – 24%. Request to Alumni association
to reach out to networks to increase involvement.
4. E-Communications update (Sharon Sullivan)
Idea to create a Face Book “Cause” for STA with capability to accept online donations. Creation of the page,
administration, creation of STA profile to administrate Cause. Face Book “America’s Giving Challenge” – Grants
to Face Book causes with the most unique daily contributions.
Received 89 new e-mail addresses in October – mostly from website visits, but also from homecoming BBQ and
Ideas to increase alumni contacts: Offer a premium or prize for alumni who give their e-mail addresses. Hold a
monthly drawing for new contacts. Offer free tickets to after Christmas party for all new contacts added in
November / December. Fr. Sullivan mentioned Cardinal Gibbons started e-mailing report cards and has garnered
new contacts quickly. Gleaning contacts from STA Face Book alumni pages manually.
Raider Reflections online has received favorable reviews from Alumni and School families alike.
5. Review of alumni events to date
Report circulated at meeting reviewing financial impact of events to date.
Total Unrestricted = $11,757. Total Restricted (Dave Miller Scholarship) = $14,159 Events include:
Reunions: Classes of ’59, ’69, ’74, ’79, ’89, ‘99
Dave Miller Golf Tournament
Homecoming Activities
 ESPN watch parties
 Some reunion classes not amenable to making a class gift. Pros and cons of asking for a donation at
reunion vs. having Development office follow up personally with reunion attendees.
 Homecoming BBQ – 140 Attendees (95 alum). Pep Rally at Bokampers – 50 attendees (37 alum). Ideas
for future homecoming activities – change it up to keep it fresh, make people want to come to
something new. Appeal to the younger alum.
 Discussion tabled for next meeting – request for all to consider big picture of homecoming weekend.
6. Schedule of upcoming events
“After Christmas Party” at Quarterdeck on Cordova Rd. 7 PM, Dec. 26, 2009
Focus on grads from past 10 years. Get the word out & create buzz via: Facebook, utilizing Robocalling feature of
the school, volunteers making phone calls, mail a print invitation, host committee.
Spring Luncheon, April 23, 2010
Tracy Dunn & Trish Ross – Chairs. Board should find table hosts and encourage them to fill tables.
7. Alumni Directory
75th Anniversary Edition. Development office is researching printing companies and options. Discussion around
whether print directory is as valuable as in the past. Idea for 75th Anniversary yearbook is being explored at the
8. Class Reunions
STA 75th Anniversary Celebration – All classes reunion
75th Anniversary kickoff Mass: 8/25/10
Gala at the Diplomat: 9/25/10
All Class Reunion: Date to be determined. Board recommended that it be in June 2011
Will need committee to plan logistics and events
9. New Business
Ideas for engaging more alumni:
 Regional alumni association in geographical areas with large concentration of Raiders, i.e. Atlanta
 Catholic Business Network – invite alumni businesspeople to monthly business networking breakfast or lunch
hosted by STA @ Bienes Center or downtown location
 Offer seminars for Alumni on a wide variety of educational topics and current topics of interest.
Meeting Adjourned at 10 AM
Respectfully submitted by Becky Irwin, Secretary