Through the Eyes of a Ladybird

‘Through the Eyes of a Ladybird’ - NEW
The history of Ladybird books in Loughborough
Loughborough is where the Ladybird story began. Using the museum and its
huge collection of Ladybird books, this new education session tells children
about the social and natural history of the Borough of Charnwood using Ladybird
books stories and illustrations.
Subjects discussed - education, learning & leisure, changing use of language,
clothing, acceptable behaviour, gender stereotypes, industry & jobs with
particular emphasis on Charnwood
Children will learn how Ladybird books were printed and assembled and then
take part in story building session ‘Around Charnwood on 20 Ways’ using the
local artefacts in the museum with a view to them writing and illustrating their
own Ladybird story book using the methods learnt in our session back at school.
Curriculum Links - KS2
History: ‘Noting connections, contrasts and trends over time to develop
appropriate use of historical terms’. ‘National history reflected in the local
English: Speaking & Listening. Writing.
Session length - 60 minute session plus activities around the Museum fills a
morning or afternoon.
Group sizes and prices will be the same as the other sessions and Charnwood