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AP World History Midterm Written Questions
You will receive one question from each period during the written portion of the APWH
midterm exam on Friday. You should answer each question in about 2 (no more than 3)
paragraphs. You may bring any notes you want into the exam with you on Friday.
Period 1
1. What was the Neolithic Revolution, and why was it significant? What more complex
social and economic systems developed as a result? Use evidence from a river valley
civilization to support your answer.
2. How did culture evolve in foundational civilizations with the advent of agriculture?
Be sure to consider the roles of government, religion, art and architecture, and
technology in your response with specific examples from a river valley civilization.
Period 2
1. How did Axial Age ideas manifest themselves in classical civilizations? Consider one
of the following civilizations in your response:
 Greco-Roman
 Han China
 Gupta/Maurya India
2. What methods of political and administrative control were used in the rise and
management of large empires during the classical age? Consider one of the following
civilizations in your response:
 Rome
 Han China
 Gupta/Maurya India
3. How did economic development and trade in the classical empires lead to sociocultural shifts and developments? Use examples from Europe, East Asia, and/or
South Asia in your response.
4. Compare and contrast the reasons for the decline of TWO of the following empires
during the classical period. Consider social conflict, environmental issues, and
external threats in your response.
 Rome
 Han China
 Gupta/Maurya India
Period 3
1. Discuss the periodization of Period 3. Why are the dates set as such? With
examples from three different regions, give evidence for a case to title the period one
of the following titles:
 Age of Acceleration Connections
 Post-classical Era
 Medieval Era
2. What technology enabled the growth of trade during this period? What patterns of
cross-cultural interaction developed as a result? Be sure to consider the IOTN in
your response.
3. Explain the growth, development, and influence of the Dar al-Islam in Period 3.
4. Key Concept 3.2 states that “State formation in this era demonstrated remarkable
continuity, innovation and diversity in various regions.” Defend this statement with
examples from one of the following below:
 Sui, Tang, Song China
 Abbasids, Muslim Iberia, Delhi Sultanates
5. Were the Mongols are a major contribution or catastrophe for history? Why?
6. Compare and contrast political, social, and economic developments in two of the
following places:
 Western Europe
 Byzantine Empire
 American Empires
Period 4
1. What were the social, cultural, and economic effects of European contact with the
2. How did China’s role in the world evolve during the Ming and Qing dynasties?
3. Compare and contrast the rise and methods of control of two of the Gunpowder
4. What common patterns do you notice across the world of the fifteenth century
(1400s)? What variations in the historical trajectories of various regions can you
5. Compare and contrast the use of religion/philosophy to legitimize rule in two of the
following regions:
a. Western Europe
b. Safavid Empire
c. Ming/Qing China
d. Songhay Empire