Clay & Glaze Professional Development Workshop

Clay & Glaze Professional Development Workshop for K-12 Art Teachers
Armory Art Center, January 13th and 14th, 4:00 to 7:00pm
With Diana Faris, AMACO
Hands-on pottery workshop for K-12 Art Teachers with curriculum-based projects focusing on
developing and expanding participants’ ceramic skills and knowledge.
Agenda Day 1, 4:00-7:00pm:
Majolica Glaze Decorating:
“Majolica” is the historical term used to describe a decorative technique of painting with glaze materials
(stains) on top of an opaque white glaze. It is a process that was first developed in the Middle East to
imitate Chinese Porcelain. This glazing process has been widely used by various cultures to paint ceramic
tiles, pottery and architectural elements. AMACO’s low-fire Teachers Palette and Teachers Choice will
be used to mimic this historic technique with ease and success in the classroom. Participants will learn
to create easy and cheap templates using geometry to layout the composition before painting their
Teaching Color Theory with Glaze:
Experiment with the new MIXABLE Teachers Choice and Teachers Palette glazes by AMACO. These are
low-fire glazes that are economical, non-flowing and completely mixable! This means students can
explore color theory using glazes for the first time, or can paint detailed decorative imagery in one-step.
The Teachers Palette glazes can be applied like underglazes, but do not require a clear glaze on top, and
are all completely safe and easy to use with all ages.
If people are interested and there’s enough time, we can also do this:
Kiln Loading and Firing:
Participants will be shown how to load and fire an electric glaze kiln load successfully. Firing tips,
suggested schedules and basic maintenance will be shared. This is an opportunity for discussion and Q &
A regarding kilns.
****Glazed tiles will be loaded and fired overnight to unload & review the results the
following afternoon. ****
Agenda Day 2, 4:00-7:00pm:
Whimsical Clay Figures: Participants will follow detailed steps while sculpting and creating caricature
heads and figures out of clay. Sculptures will explore basic representation and exaggeration of the
human figure, while focusing on expression and content. A variety of texture tools will be demonstrated
and used to add texture and enhance the surface and create clothing. Underglazes may be used to add
color while the clay is still moist. Technique sheet with step-out images will be provided.
Audience: All K-12 teachers are welcome, projects and techniques are adaptable.
Limit of attendees: Minimum 25, maximum 40 (or as determined by the space).
Materials teachers need to bring:
All clay, glazes and tools will be supplied by AMACO. The following items are recommended.
1. Sketchbook or notebook and pencils
2. Box to carry projects home in
3. Towel (for drying hands)
4. Apron or casual clothing
5. Glazing brushes if desired (AMACO is bringing a variety to share)
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Director of Educational Outreach
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