Dissertation Patient Leaflet - Dissertation Project Reseach

Diabetes and Cardiovascular
Disease in Over Forties
Type 2 Diabetes
 In the UK over 3 million people have
been diagnosed with type 2
 It is estimated 850,000 people have
diabetes that has not yet been
Diabetes mellitus
 This disease is caused by too much
glucose in the blood.
 The body cannot absorb and use it
as it has been exposed to a
prolonged period of increased
glucose levels which has caused
cell damage.
 Type 2 diabetes is caused by the
body creating insufficient levels of
insulin, (a hormone which causes
glucose absorption) or insulin is not
working properly.
People most at risk
 People over 40 developing type 2
 Men over 40 are two times more
likely to develop it than women.
Dissertation Project Research
Research Purpose
 The purpose of this research is to identify the link between
the risk factor obesity, and the progression of
cardiovascular disease and type 2 diabetes in people over
 As these diseases have a high prevalence rate in the UK, it
is important to carry out as much research as possible into
the risk factors which cause these diseases.
What this study involves
 This study involves taking measurements and a 4ml blood
 The blood sample will be taken by a trained phlebotomist
and all the necessary precautions will be taken to ensure
your safety and comfort during the procedure.
 The blood sample will then be analysed by a bio- analyser
and the following components will be identified and
- Glucose
- Triglycerides
- Cholesterol
How this study benefits you
 By participating in this study you will have various
measurements taken which will be useful to you. It will give
you a good indication of the status of your current health.
 It may help you make lifestyle choices which help reduce
the risk factors for these diseases.
Cardiovascular Disease
 Cardiovascular disease (CVD) is estimated
to cause 74,000 deaths in the UK a year.
That is 200 people every day. It is the
biggest cause of death in the UK.
The cause of CVD
 A build-up of fatty deposits can become
plaques (atheroma) which line the blood
vessels in and out of the heart and
cause them to narrow.
 Over time this increases the blood
pressure and can lead to various
conditions including heart attacks and
People most at risk
Risk factors include:
- obesity
- smoking heavily
- Lack of exercise
- Unbalanced diet