CAiTE and CNGG Cross-centre meeting, Bristol 08-12-2010
9.30-10.00 Registration and coffee
10.00-10.30 Welcome and introduction to the two Centres
Mike Owen – Neuropsychiatric Genetics and Genomics Centre
Debbie Lawlor – Centre for Causal Analysis in Translational Epidemiology
10.30-13.05 Session 1 (15 mins talks + 10 discussion)
1. Methods for Instrumental Variable analysis in Mendelian Randomization (Roger Harbord)
2. Intrauterine exposure to dietary factors and cognition/development in ALSPAC children, an
application of MR (Carolina Bonilla)
(11.15-11.45 Coffee and breakout session 1 – joint training)
3. Longitudinal analyses of substance involvement in ALSPAC (Marianne Van den Bree)
4. Identifying risk pathways for ADHD (Anita Thapar)
5. The genetics of autistic-like traits (Beate St Pourcain)
13.05-14.00 lunch and posters session
14.00-16.10 Session 2 (15 mins talks + 10 discussion)
1. Psychosis and mood disorders (Nick Craddock)
2. Epidemiology of psychotic experiences (Stan Zammit)
3. Targeted next-generation sequencing using pooled samples (Chris Boustred)
4. Finding susceptibility genes for late-onset Alzheimer's disease (Paul Hollingworth)
(15.40-16.10 Coffee and breakout session 2 – statistics and bioinformatics)
16.10-17.00 Strategy discussion
17.00 close