ABSTRACT: Radio over fiber (RoF) technology or micro cellular over fiber...

Radio over fiber (RoF) technology or micro cellular over fiber is proposed solution for reducing cost and
providing high reliable communication services. The system is a technique that modulates microwave
signals on optical carrier to take advantage of the low loss and low cost optical fiber communication
system. In this hybrid technology, which synergies of the two communication domains, optical and
radio, the technology is proposed for future generation of wireless radio communication system to serve
high quality broadband service in highly dense and mobile users. It is very cost-effective due to
localization of signal processing in central station and used much simple base station. In this chapter, we
proposed subcarrier multiplexed (SCM) technique for data transmission for the RoF. The design and
performance analysis of the system in term of signal power, Bit Error Rate (BER), signal to noise ratio
(SNR) and eye diagram will be presented. This performance analysis was focus on a link between two
stations; a transmitter and receiver. The designed SCM-RoF system was employing BPSK as the RF
modulation scheme. In which, the transmitter presenting four input signals and each of the signal will be
modulate using BPSK individually. At the optical domain, the CW Laser diode was used as the optical
source, while Mach Zender as the optical modulator and RF modulated optical signal will be detected by
a photodiode. Whereby, the transmission link employing step index single mode fiber up to 150 km
communication distance with 0m – 5m length of the EDFA. The result is very convincing inline with
theory for practical demonstration of the SCM-RoF system.