The Junkyard Wonders Sequence of Events

The Junkyard Wonders Sequence of Events
The Junkyard Wonders Sequence of Events (Possible answers)
In the beginning, Trisha is very excited because she is going to a new school where nobody knows that she has
trouble learning.
Then, she finds out that she is in a special class again and that the other kids don’t like her because she is in that
When she gets to her class, she finds that the other kids are special too. Their teacher, Mrs. Peterson, puts them
into groups that are called tribes. Their class name is The Junkyard, which they think is because they are like
pieces of junk that no one wants and throws out.
After that, Trisha realizes that all of her classmates have special talents and that they all work very well together.
Mrs. Peterson teaches them that they are called the Junkyard, because a junkyard is a place full of wondrous
possibilities, just like them.
Then, the students work together to remake an airplane they found in the junkyard. They realize that they are
just like the plane. Even though it is made of junk, it still turns out great.
Even though one of their classmates dies, they still find a way to show the entire school that they are geniuses.
Their airplane flies straight up into the air, just like it’s going to the moon.
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