Science Extra Credit

Science Extra Credit
There are 3 options for extra credit that you can
do over winter break! For each project I need to see a video, or
pictures of you doing the project for you to get credit!
DUE: 1/7/15
Option A: Density
Just like putting the soda cans in the container, your job is to test the
density of 5 different materials in your house. Take pictures or a video
of you dropping the objects in water and seeing if they float or sink! DO
NOT drop in materials that will get damaged by the water!
Option B: Mixtures
Make a mixture of 3 materials from objects around your house. You can
try salt, sugar, kool-aid, ice, water, whatever! After making the mixture
try to separate the mixture using the physical properties we discussed
in class. (Think sifters, water, freezing, boiling) DO NOT make a mess or
use things that you are not allowed!
Option C: Density Simulation
If the two other options are too messy for you, here is an online
simulation! Go to
There are different blocks of materials, try to get each one to float and
sink by adjusting the mass and volume! Take a picture of each block
floating or sinking!