Тask 1

Тask 1
Patient 32 years is hospitalized in pulmonology department. Complained of shortness
of breath, asthma attacks that occur, usually at night. During the attack the patient
sits, shortness of breath expressed, in the act of breathing involved supporting
musculature, particularly difficult exhalation. On auscultation are listened over the
whole of surface of the lungs dry, wheezing rales.
1. What is form of respiratory failure? Justify the answer.
2. Which spirometric signs will be in this case?
Тask 2
Patient 45 years old admitted to hospital with complaints of cough, shortness of
breath, fever up to 39.8 C, marked weakness , palpitations . Worse notes for three
days. On examination HR-105 min., RR-32 min. On auscultation are listened moist,
small bubbling rales in the left inferior parts of lungs. In the blood - neutrophilic
leukocytosis, accelerated ESR.
1. What form of respiratory failure developed in the patient?
2. What disease can think?
3. Which spirometric data will be in this case?
Тask 3
Patient 25 years old admitted to hospital with a diagnosis of diabetic ketoacidosis.
The patient is inhibited, when viewed noteworthy noisy, deep breathing.
1. Which type of breathing in a patient?
2. What its pathogenesis?
Тask 4
Patient 22 years old is in the hospital in serious condition. Marked impairment of
consciousness, high fever, neck stiffness. Respiration is rapid, replaced by periods of
apnea. During spinal puncture a yellow-green color fluid exits under pressure.
1. How called a modified type of respiration, in which there are periods of apnea?
2. What is the basis of its pathogenesis?
Тask 5
Patient 40 years began to complain of shortness of breath, heart palpitations, and
weakness. During radiography is determined by the presence of fluid in the pleural
1. Which is form of respiratory failure in a patient?
2. What spirometric parameters are changed in this case?