October News in Classroom E

October News At Little Acorns Preschool
September just zoomed by and the children are becoming accustomed to classroom routine
and are starting to remember one another’s names. It has been a pleasure to get to know your
children these first few weeks of school. We appreciated getting to talk with you at our parent
orientation evening on 9/15. Hopefully you got a good sense of how our days work in the
classroom along with getting to know us a bit better. We also appreciate your willingness to help
out with some of our basic classroom supplies.
I also wanted to officially welcome Ms. Danielle (Marchese) to the staff of Little Acorns
Preschool. Danielle lives in Limerick with her husband and 2 children. Danielle has had experience
volunteering in a variety of school settings as her children have grown. She decided she was ready
to return to the work force on a part-time basis. The children and Donna and I are enjoying the
energy and enthusiasm she brings to preschool.
Learning themes this month will include fire safety, fall, pumpkins, bats, ghosts, owls,
spiders, and Halloween Fun. We read a minimum of 1 book daily, I have so many favorite children’s
books. Each month I will try to give you a couple that you might track down in the library or
purchase. This month The Ghost’s Dinner by Jacques Duquennoy and Good Night Owl by Pat
Hutchins are 2 selections that you couldn’t go wrong with. Along with numerous fun fall games, art
projects, science/math experiences, and cooking projects we will be focusing on the letters F, H, O,
L, and P. We talk about letters in conjunction with the books we are reading in the classroom. This
gives the children opportunities to view letters in the context of the literature they are being
exposed to. For example, if we are reading and doing lots of activities related to pumpkins, it
makes sense to focus on the letter Pp.
As we discussed at Parent Orientation night, I would like to start “Sharing Time” or “Show and
Tell” in October and continue it throughout the year. I have attached a calendar that indicates the
day your child should bring something for sharing. It is nice if they can bring items that relate to
something you did as a family, pictures, artwork, or perhaps a favorite book. It helps the children
get to know one another better. Of course if they simply have to bring that favorite toy, that is
completely fine. Sharing is a great opportunity to develop oral language skills, vocabulary, and
speaking in front of a group. It also helps everyone else develop their listening skills.
As the weather gets cooler, please remember to mark all outwear with your child’s name or
initials. It is also helpful to mark school bags and lunch boxes with names if you have not already
done so. Little ones get confused as to what they did and did not bring/wear to school.
The volunteer firefighters from Black Rock Fire Company will be visiting with us again this
year. They bring their fire truck and talk with the children about fire safety and equipment. They
will visit the 3 yr. class on Thursday 10/1 promptly at 9:15. Please try to make sure your child is
here on time. Their visit with the Pre-K class will be on Friday 10/2 at 11:30. Please use extra care
both days coming in and out of the parking lot.
Our Fall Celebrations will be on October 29th and 30th. Please send in your child’s Halloween
costume to school that day in a bag with your child’s name. We will dress up and do a little
performance of our “Fall” songs near the end of each session at 11:45. We will also be doing fun
activities related to the Halloween holiday during the classroom session. While some children love
the dress up part of the festivities others are not a big fan. As a general rule I find it best to respect
the child’s feelings on dressing up.
Special Dates to Mark on the Calendar:
October 1st tuition due for 3 yr class/October 2nd tuition due for Pre-K class
October 1st Firefighters visit with 3 yr old class 9:15 am
October 2nd Firefighters visit with 4 yr old class 11:30 am
October 29th 3 yr class Fall celebration at 11:45 am (costumes and Fall Songs)
October 30th Pre-K class Fall celebration at 11:45 am (costumes and Fall Songs)
Thank You,
Evelyn, Donna, and Danielle
Some good advice I read on a bumper sticker recently: “Your cell phone has already replaced
your camera, your calendar, your alarm clock…Don’t let it replace your family.”