Population - Uruguay & Jordan

Population: 3,381,000 (mid 2012 est.)
Arithmetic Density:
Physiological Density:
Net Migration Rate (# per 1000 people): -1
Birth Rate (# per 1000 people): 14
Death Rate (# per 1000 people):10
Rate of Natural Increase: 0.5%
Population Growth Rate: 0.4%
Infant Mortality Rate (# of deaths per 1000 live births): 10.6
Total Fertility Rate (average # of children per woman): 2.0
Population Age <15: 23%
Population Ages 65+: 14%
Dependency Rate (add together Population Age <15 % and Ages 65+ %): 37%
Life Expectancy at Birth (total): 76%
Life Expectancy at Birth Females: 80%
Life Expectancy at Birth Males: 73%
Primary School Completion Rate Females: 108%
Primary School Completion Rate Males: 104%
Secondary School Enrollment Net Females: 73%
Secondary School Enrollment Net Males: 66%
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